Friday, May 4, 2012

What Does Your Sign Mean?

This shit is so completely out of control!  How many of these motherfuckers are here illegally and will be casting an ILLEGAL vote this November?  All of them? Unfuckingbelievable!

Thanks to my brother for sending this to me.


Rayvet said...

These videos prove we have officially become a third world shithole. I'm getting more and more for the fencing in of urban America and letting these filthy populations live like the vermin and cockroaches they are while those of us in "rural" America continue our way of "the American way of life". Let's see which "groups" survives the best. It won't be the Non English, non working, refusing to assimilate group, I guarandamntee it.

try2win said...

the problem we have is not the illegals. It is the tax system that excludes them.

Our Governmentment Republicant's and Demosh1ts are both to blame. The cheap labor is too powerful a lobby and the amount of cash that we pay out at hospitals to pay for them does nto even come close to the SS tax revenue that is collected on fake SS numbers that will NEVER be paid in benefits. That is the 1000 pound gorilla in the room that the Democrites and republish1ts never talk about. They know how the scam works so well. How else could the Goverment employess and clowngrass people fly on their private tax funded g10 rides around the cuntry and the free trips to Barbados on tax payer dime.

CharlieDelta said...

Our tax system is FUBAR, there is no question about it, but you are dead wrong when you say the problem is not the illegals. They certainly aren’t the ONLY problem, but Illegals are a HUGE part of the it, and they only create more problems. More than they get credit for. Like the shit tons of anchor babies that are born here in this country every fucking day costing tax payers BILLIONS (with a “B”) of dollars annually. Who do you think pays for that shit? Hint: It’s not them! The American tax payers shell out tens of Billions of dollars a year just for illegal alien “welfare.” On top of that, billions more go to illegals in the form of “free” food stamps, “free” WIC, “free” education and “free” school lunches for their dozens of non-English-speaking little Juans and Juanitas once they’re here. What about the billions spent on “free” Medicaid for illegals each and every year? Ya know, like when they show up in the local EMERGENCY ROOM for treatment of their runny fucking nose? Then there’s all the court costs and related bullshit to house the criminal alien element in our prisons and jails. I mean, the cost of all these motherfuckers leeching off the system is beyond comprehension; hundreds of billions annually, and they still live in squalor and lower the standard for everyone else.

The uneducated, dirt poor, gullible and irresponsible baby-factory ILLEGAL aliens (mostly from Meh-hico) sneak into this country to dump their burden on American tax-paying citizens and both Dickhead Dimocrats and Retard Republicunts are to blame for pandering to these fucks and completely ignoring THE PEOPLE. Although, I don’t know of too many ILLEGALS that are out there being registered by or voting for Republicunts. Just sayin'.

Bottom line:
This country already has too many problems to deal with as it is. We don’t need to add another problem that will only create MORE and BIGGER problems down the road. Ignoring the fire that sparks multiple new fires will only make the others worse and harder to put out. It makes no fucking sense and it’s insane to think this tire-fire called ILLEGAL immigration is harmless and will fizzle out on its own. If we keep ignoring the TRUTH about the fire, it will (if it hasn’t already) become an unstoppable raging inferno that will guarantee that everything good in this country gets reduced to ash.

Eliminating ILLEGALS from the equation is the first step. Put out the fire. Then we can proceed with fixing all of our other problems. God knows we have plenty…

try2win said...
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try2win said...

anchor babies that we pay billions for ? I agree... however that is just an offset of other prices. either way we pay for it.

if we did not spend the billion on the 'anchor babies' we would pay for it at the grocery store with Lettuce costing 15 dollars a head and Tomatoes costing 9 Dollars a pound if we American's were picking that fruit. They would demand wages far above what the migrants are paid.

Or B

There is no longer american farms and all produce is imported and Americans can continue to spend the usual 2 Dollars for a head a lettuce or 1.29 a pound for the tomatoes.

As it is now the states that have hardcore immigration laws and have no labor to pick fruit the farmers have to bury and plow it over as it rots on the field. losing Millions of dollars.

that is happening in Georgia. Over 50 Million in peach revs's gone. Farmers losing out. Going out of business. They are not buying more farm equipment. They are not buying seeds. They are not paying employess to go shop at walmart etc....

I am not sticking up for the illegals but we middle class Americans sure have prospered while using them to keep inflation low.

Either way we will pay for it. we are fu*ked.

try2win said...

I would also like to add... After Katrina... our wonderful government came to the resuce of all the degenerate americans who before katrina sat on their lazy phats ass... and continue to sit on their lazy phat white american asses.

You mean to tell me that our government can't simple roll into every farm and chicekn processor in america give these migrants SS cards and get them chained up to uncle sam to pay Income tax !!! Come on!!!

But our Governement can afford to Fly Drones over people's houses looking for any reason to bust in to our private property if they see something they don't like?

Jeff said...

Good Gawd! Did you read any of those signs? What are they thinking? Jobs for everyone, DLs for everyone, "papers" for everyone...

Every country, every government has to enforce some types of laws that dictate who can emigrate, who can drive, who can work, etc. Just because life's hard south of the border, doesn't mean the U.S. needs to become a free vending machine or ATM.

Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw...

try2win said...

To be honest I voted republican all my life.

After Bush and Obama.. Im done voting foe either of these parties. You mean to tell me that after 8 years of bush and 5000 pages of the patriot act they can't stop them 'backs from sneaking across the border?

Both retarded parties are to balme and are in the 'fix'.

If we kicked out all them from the USA chicken prices would soar, eggs, dairy, produce, housing. It would be un affordable and we would spiral into a great depression not ever felt in history. I am not saying that would be a bad thing either. The weak would die the strong would prosper.

The entire system is a scam. Its all basesd on inflation greater than previous inflation until... poof. The bottom can no longer produce enough for the top.

The bottom produces everything at wholesale for the top to sell back to the bottom at retail.

I'm just saying... them south of the border peep's ain't the problem....

CharlieDelta said...

Sorry, but the “higher priced lettuce and tomatoes” argument doesn't fly with me. You’re comparing apples to oranges, or in this case, lettuce to tomatoes.

Are you gonna tell me with a straight face that all the free-bee's illegals get, the BILLIONS of dollars we spend on them with what I listed in my comment above, is just a little "offset" from what we would be paying at the grocery store for lettuce and tomatoes if American citizens were working the fields? C’mon. You can't possibly believe that can you?

It’s not just what they cost us in billions, although you can’t deny the huge negative impact (on virtually everything) it has on our economy. These motherfuckers are also voting in our elections, driving around with no insurance, dealing dope, raping, robbing, murdering, etc. The fucking MS13 gang problem is only growing by the day. They have no respect for our flag, our laws, our sovereignty, or anything else about this country for that matter.

They keep lettuce and tomatoes affordable for you and because of that they should be able to remain here, squirting out babies they can’t afford and dragging all of us down with them? We should just ignore the wetback infestation and go about eating our cheap vegetables and shut up?

As far as no one being in the farm fields to work, there’s a solution for that too. Off the top of my head, here’s a couple; We have millions of those free-loading US citizens who are capable of working but receive that welfare check and “free” shit anyways. Maybe they could (and should already) be out there earning that food stamp bonus and that WIC card or that welfare check they get every month for sitting on their asses and producing future employees of welfare.

Giving them something for nothing helps absolutely no one! Or maybe instead of lifting weights and watching tv all day, the convicts doing time could be out in those fields instead. There are all kinds of options. Picking lettuce and tomatoes isn’t exactly rocket science. I’m pretty sure you can “train” just about anyone to do it.

When cancer infects a person’s body, if it’s caught in time AND REMOVED, there is a good chance that body will be able to survive for many years to come. If you leave that cancer alone and ignore it, it spreads like wildfire infecting the entire body, shutting down vital parts, and eventually that body can’t take anymore and dies. Let’s do the smart thing – the right thing- and remove the ILLEGAL alien cancer infecting the body of the US, so we have a chance to survive.

CharlieDelta said...

I was surprised when I saw that the video wasn't filmed in San Diego. I see shit like that here all the time. Bumper stickers, signs in front yards of homes that ILLEGALS were given loans to buy, businesses hanging signs from their buildings. It's fucking insane!!!

CharlieDelta said...

I totally agree that both parties are in on this fucking scam. It's ridiculous. I had voted Republican my entire life as well, but when they put John McRino up on a pedestal to run against the current Kenyan in Chief, I re-registered Libertarian.

Goldenrod said...

Both parties involved?
Absolutely, the Dems love the free votes and the Repubs. love the cheap labor for the businessman.

BTW, Fuck Obama with a red hot poker.

try2win said...

I votin for Gary Johnson....