Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are You A Racist?

Are you as racist as I am?  Or are you a realist like I am?  Take the quiz and find out if you are qualified to join the Klan, The New Black Panthers, La Raza, or any other of your favorite local racist organizations near you. The results are in, and I can't say I'm even a little bit surprised. I must say, this quiz was the most accurate quiz I've ever taken. With results like "Ridiculously Racist" who could complain? Wooo-hooo! I'll drink to that! 

Living in southern Mexifornia for my entire life, I have learned on my own what is and what isn't about races, especially Mexicans. I wouldn't really say I'm a racist as much as I am prejudiced, but I'm not going to nit pick the results of some stupid quiz on the internet over their choice of word. I will however be the first to admit that I'm racist in a lot of ways; I'm sure you've seen a lot of them here, but if you're a first time reader at GGDF here are a few relevant facts about how I view the topic of race in America.

I laugh at racial jokes because most of have a lot of truth to them. If they didn't the joke wouldn't be funny. I use the word "nigger" a lot (I call white people nigger more than I do black people) because nigger has nothing to do with race, it's a state of mind and a personality in people that I hate more than any other. Every race has it's niggers and that's a fact. I have never said, "the 'N' word" and I never will. I have no respect for anyone who does. Either say 'nigger' or use another word that you can actually get to leave your lips. I have no use for PC Police or any other form of pussification and governmental thought control. Fuck you!

In no particular order, here's a little breakdown of what I think of five main "race" groups.

1.) Beaners (This covers all peoples south of the U.S.-Mexican border or who speak some form of Spanish):
I can't stand how loud beaners always talk, or how they're always poor because they reproduce like fucking mice and can't afford to raise their 15 children without stealing hub caps or stealing from the American people in the form of welfare and food stamps. These rodents are sucking the life right out of The United States and turning it into another shithole like Mexico. They disrespect our culture, our Flag, our National Anthem, our way of life, our laws, and our sovereignty. These fucking idiots are some real racist putos. La Raza? I have so little respect for this group of racist beaners that their name is now what I call an explosive case of the morning shits after a night of whiskey and Mexican food. Example: "That la raza I left in the men's room at Denny's this morning was peeling the wallpaper  off the wall by lunchtime."
2.) Blacks (This covers 75% of the ones born here that blame whitey for their shortcomings in life):
90% of the whiners always playing the "race card" are black, and the same percentage of blacks are racists themselves but can't even admit it. Not even to themselves. I have taken note that most of the times I've been to the movies and some rude assholes were making noise or talking on cell phones it was always a group of niggers - black niggers - always. They don't take responsibility for their own actions, they think society (white society) owes them the world because of slavery even though they have never been a slave or know anyone that has. They get away with the double-standard known as "hate crimes" all the time. They vote party line democrat no matter how illogical it is. They vote for US President purely based on his race. They are the biggest hypocritical racists to ever walk the earth and they just love to play The Race Card. No question about that.
3.) Asians (This covers Chinks, Japs, Flips, Gooks, and anyone else that you can blindfold with dental floss):
The "myth" or the "stereotype" that says Asians are shitty drivers is no myth at all. These zipper heads should not be allowed to drive on public roads under any circumstance. No exceptions. Not only do they drive shitty, they are rude motherfuckers at the casinos. Ding-Ding-Dao! Who-Fling-Poo. Fuck you!  Either play the machine on the left or the one on the right. There are other people, and other gooks that want to give their money away to the fucking indians too! They drive loud and obnoxious rice burning race cars all over the interstate like it's their own personal race track. Every time I hear them speak in their broken Engrish I want to give them all a death-kick to the throat. Like Chuck Norris did to that Bruce Lee gook motherfucker. They illegally fish with 5 or more fishing poles at local lakes like there is an endless supply of planted trout just for gooks. They don't buy a fishing license, they don't pay lake fees to fish, and they take more than the limit. They leave their garbage on the shoreline and their gook mark on the lake. Fuckin' gooks!
4.) Dune Coons (This covers arabs from all regions of the middle east and the depths of hell):
I have nothing but contempt for arabs and stinkbeards from all over the world. They smell like dirty feet, they are rude, they are living in the 7th century, they contribute nothing buy evil and death to the world, they drive like assholes, they hate Americans and the West, most of them worship a murderer and a pedophile, they are probably the most hypocritical and deceptive sub-humans on the planet, they don't drink alcohol, they stink like stale ass, they believe that the world is beneath them, they blow themselves up, they treat "man's best friend" like "man's worst enemy", and their language sounds like two retarded pigs fucking and trying to clear their throats at the same time. They don't like bacon, they worship a false prophet, and even the ones that say they are Christians beat their wives and think the world owes them something. Fuck you stinkbeards! There's a special place in hell just for you dung beetles.
5.) Crackers (This includes any trashy honkey folk naturally born in the U.S. or immigrated LEGALLY from some euro-trash country):
I've noticed that the majority of the weirdos shopping at or stealing from Walmart at any given time of the day are almost always dirty white trailer-trash, or white niggers, wiggers, whiggers, etc. White trash don't even realize that they're white skinned and should act accordingly, so instead they have a bunch of babies they can't afford, cook meth in trailer parks in Kentucky, fuck their cousins or siblings, think rap is the greatest thing since affirmative action, try to act like they're from "the street" or "the ghetto" when in reality they would be shitting themselves after two minutes in Compton or Chinatown or Chicano Park. They are a miserable people that are either too lazy, too stupid or both to support themselves or their ten "slow" children so the American tax payer foots the bill so they can have more future food stamp leeches and welfare bums that just sponge the system. The women smoke and do drugs when they're pregnant and the men hit their women a lot, but a lot more when they're pregnant. I don't have a problem with the amount of beer or liquor they drink, but when the 13 year old pregnant daughter is turning tricks for daddy's 40oz malt liquor or bottle of Thunderbird , that's a fucking problem. The numbers of white trailer trash having children they can't afford is skyrocketing and fuels my fire of hatred for their very existence.

That about sums it up for me. If this makes me a racist then so be it. Where do I sign up for the next cross burning? Tell somebody who gives a fuck. I never needed to be taught to be racist. But again, I'm not really so much racist as I am prejudiced against assholes and niggers of every race. I just don't feel the need to sugar coat it to protect someone's "feeeeeeeeeelings" like the majority of the pussies in this world. It really is that simple. Of course if you haven't admitted to yourself that you're a racist in one way or another, as everyone is, then enjoy the bliss while you can you ignorant bastards. Be sure to look me up when the LSD wears off.

I didn't need to be taught to be racist; I learned from my surroundings every single day. I have seen the truth of most racial stereotypes more times than I ever wanted. It's not made up. This is a day in the life of 40 years in southern Mexifornia. Sure there are exceptions to the rules about races; not many, but there are some. Who really cares? It doesn't make everything else about that race any less true. So nigga' please, go piss up someone else's rope.

Stereotypes didn't invent themselves...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like P.J. O'Rourke's Foreigners Around the World!

Anonymous said...

Dude! Your not racist, you hate everyone equally!!

root@localhost.localdomain said...

Reminded me of the wigger song:


(the lyrics are in the description)

CharlieDelta said...

That is fucking hilarious. Posting it right now.

fel said...

I love hearing on the news, of another black on black homicide. Should I even bother taking the test?LOL