Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fuck The University of Minnesota!

Got white guilt? Not me. Unfortunately, there are millions of ignorant white motherfuckers that do and it's because of ridiculous bullshit anti-white propaganda like this being sponsored by the University of Minnesota - Deluth.

What a crock of shit! Ever hear of affirmative action? Ever hear of test standards being lowered for "minorities" because they could not pass the same tests as the eeeeeeeeeevil "privileged" honkeys?  Hell, we got us a fuckin' "community-organizing" prima donna in the White House right now because of institutional brainwashing like this.

Liberals are solely responsible for the vast majority of the hate, bigotry, and discrimination in this country and they define ignorance and hypocrisy better than anyone. When the race war goes down and there is carnage in the streets of America, the blood will be on the hands of every last scumbag liberal that supports the played out lie of "white privilege" in the 21st Century.

Hey U of M.................Fuck YOU!
If you would like to contact the school and let them know how you feel about this anti-white 'campaign' they're sponsoring you can reach them at (218) 726-8996 or send an e-mail to


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Fucking assholes! I'm darker than Omama and I'm German, Irish, and Cherokee and no one ever handed me shit! Privileged my ass! All I've ever earned or fucked up was by my own account.

These candy-ass shitbirds in Minnesota are the result of two generations of brainwashing by dems and other fuckheads. Makes me wanna shoot my fucking monitor.

The useful idiots in the video are the first ones who need to be shot when the shit hits the fan!

kerrcarto said...

I'm darker than Omama and I'm German, Irish, and Cherokee

Ditto. Just replace Cherokee with Comanche and we have a match.

Goldenrod said...

Higher education my ass, more like liberal indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

I live up here and we have plenty of unemployment. We have our public housing actively recruiting welfare recipients from Chicago, Milwaukee and other garden spots in America to "move on up". Guess what massive increase in crime etc.. Share the wealth! Little wanna be San Francisco here

PeggyU said...

Fuck that noise.

I'm neither ashamed nor proud of being white. It's just a fact of my existence that I am.

PeggyU said...

I hope that was a Sharpee they used. They will get the stares if they walk around with that scrawled on their faces.