Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Proposition 29 - FAIL!

A couple weeks ago I posted about Crockosition 29, a new bullshit tax on tobacco products in the state of Commiefornia.  As if us smokers aren't already taxed enough, the American Cancer Society and their dishonest bullshit rhetoric didn't fool the majority of Californian's this time. This morning it was determined 49.2% voted YES and 50.8% voted NO, or "fuck you" to the outright lies from the ACS. Finally some sanity is shown in this state of fruits and nuts. It was a narrow defeat, but I'll take it! FUCK YOU American Cancer Society! Take your bullshit and go home. Thanks for playin', please try again.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!


Goldenrod said...

Their entire frigging world revolves around taxing something...why don't they tax stupidity and watch their coffers run over with money from ignorant liberals?

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Shit I hope this holds. I'm tired of the douchebags up in Sacramento stealing our money. Five dollars (I buy the cheapest ones) for smokes that don't even burn anymore thanks to the idiot FSC laws. Now I have to huff the fuckers like a joint to keep em burning. Enough is enough!

Fukitol said...

"voted NO, or "fuck you"


@Greasywrench - Thank Bloomberg and his entwined UN bullshit for the FSC crap. Look it up. All this evil global "sustainable development" and "Smart Growth" AGENDA 21 nanny state shit infesting every state at the county level (look for the term: ICLEI) in America originates through the UN, and more often than not, Bloomberg's name will be associated.

Even some on the Left are getting wise to the fact their faces will be the first to be crushed under the jackboot of global Socialism.

Fuck Obama

CharlieDelta said...

I don't know why but this is the first I've ever heard of "FSC laws" so I Googled it.

What. The. Fuck!!

I have not missed one vote for the last 20+ years and I don't remember this being on the ballot. Oh, that's right...there was no need for us to have a choice decided by a majority vote because Suckramento knows what's good for us better than we do. Assholes!

It's not just the "cheap" cigarettes either. I smoke Marlboros and have for 25 years. At some point in the last one or two years I noticed that mine were always burning themselves out but attributed that to not dragging on it as much as I used to. Now I know.

I laugh whenever I hear or see "the left" and "wise" being used in the same sentence, but you may be onto something. When I Googled "FSC laws" one of the first few links that popped up was this one from the Puffington Host of all sites. I would've expected nothing but applause from HuffPo on more regulation aimed at "big tobacco" companies.

Fuck Obama and his communist following!

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

I don't know if you've noticed or not but the taste is shit now. I smoked marlboro golds for thirty years and then, as you mentioned they quit burning AND started tasting like a mouthful of pennies a few years back.

I would love to get hold of the donkey dick who dreamed up the "safe cigarette" law. Only a politician would take a product that is DESIGNED to burn and make it .... NOT BURN. Add to the fact that lots of smokers are now getting sick and there is some credible evidence it's because of these new papers and NOT the tobacco itself.

And the real kicker is; most of the fires started by smokers are because of people passing out from being drunk and dropping the cigs on the floor. Now - I have no problem with drinking. I've been pulling corks since I was twelve. But the problem isn't the smokes. It's people passing out and leaving them burning. Total fucking insanity!

Anonymous said...

Yeah loved that it failed. Only I read today on yahoo about the supporters still refuse to concede defeat, claiming that all uncounted ballots can still give them a win. Well I about kill myself if it does. Because I domt know about any of you but I don't think I could handle all the speeches they would give about how they beat big tobaccos money and children etc. And secondly if the shoe were on the other foot and it was the tobacco companies still holding out for the win you can be sure that they would blasting them for not accepting that they lost. Tell me if anyone knows why do the health organization people have to be such sore losers? Why can't they admit they lost?

CharlieDelta said...

I think what bothers me more is that it was as close as it was. That just shows that there are millions of uninformed, ignorant and/or dead people voting for a bullshit lie in this fucked up state.

Just like Prop 8, look for this to go to the 9th Circuit Court where some liberal fucking judge will over-rule The People's majority vote because it doesn't suit his fucking ideology.

The voting process in this state is a fucking joke!