Tuesday, June 12, 2012

These Guys With Ties Aren't On Bicycles...

If you've wondered what it would be like to get a knock on your door from the Secret Service look no further. Apparently Rudy Davis, a.k.a. LoneStar1776, got a visit from the S.S. a couple weeks ago for posting a video on Youtube that the S.S. considered to be "threatening" towards Cooncracker. Davis' comments prompting the S.S. interview start at 7:55 in the video here. You can read more about the story where I saw it here.

Personally I don't see what the big deal is. I didn't hear anything threatening besides calling for Cooncracker's public beheading after he is tried for treason in court and found guilty by a jury of his peers. It's not like LoneStar1776 made a movie about the President's assassination or anything. I mean, no one would do that without a full waterboarding and S.S. interrogation right? Right!

I had a hard time making it through the video with all the annoying wind noise in the camcorder microphone, but it was interesting to hear what types of questions they were asking in their 15 minute doorstep interrogation interview. The guy is obviously and understandably nervous, but he doesn't help himself by saying more than he needs to. Throughout the video I was thinking, "Dude! Yes or no answers only! STFU for a few minutes and think before you speak..."

I've caught myself about to cross the line with a post or two when I've been hammered. Some I didn't catch until the next day and wondered if I had crossed the line. Seeing what little it actually takes to get a visit from Obama's S.S. really puts things into perspective for me and where that line actually is. Not that I have anything to hide, but I would rather not go through having these S.S. motherfuckers knocking on my door any time soon for any reason.

I suppose if they ever did interview me, my answers would be filled with expletives like when the Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking on my door, except the answers would also include my favorite remark whenever The Kenyan In Chief is the topic of discussion:


Unless that's illegal to say now too...


kerrcarto said...

Yup, I have deleted a few posts I thought would..Obama can suck on a horse's testicles!!!

Damn, I just cannot help myself.

CenTexTim said...

I like to say that I hope obama gets what he deserves. That can be interpreted in many ways, but you know what I mean ... (wink, wink).

"Obama can suck on a horse's testicles!!!"

1. Why do you want to punish some poor innocent horse?

2. Doesn't he do that every time he goes down on the Wookie?

kerrcarto said...

1. My apologies to the equine loving folk who read this blog. No offense intended.

2. Yes.

Harper said...

Obama's too uptight to eat at the Y. Girls can spot guys like that from twenty paces.

The comment that will probably result in a visit for me is said in earnest - I really thought there would have been more assassination attempts during Obama's presidency. There are some very violent and racist people in our country, and I thought they would have taken a shot by now. Of course, the SS could be covering up any such attempts.

CenTexTim said...

Harper, I had the same thought. With all the crazy white supremacists out there I'm surprised nothing has happened.

There was that one whacko that fired shots at the White House last Nov. but I think he was more mentally deranged than a serious threat.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

I find myself being very "creative" when I criticize Omama. And all of us HAVE to be very careful of criticizing his ass. The SS take this shit very seriously no matter who's president.

But hey, take Heart. It will all be over in January when he goes on another one of his vacations. This time he won't be coming back.

Hmmm... I wonder if I just went too far in my reply?

PeggyU said...

I'm more concerned that some asshole on the LEFT will take him out just to create turmoil and make a martyr out of him.