Monday, July 2, 2012

FOD - Transparent Hypocrisy

Wow. Can you believe just four years ago this country was about to elect, as President of the United States, one of the biggest frauds in recorded history?  This country has suffered through and endured many uphill battles, certainly some shitty presidents, but nothing even close to being as bad as the disaster in chief we have running the show fucking things up right now.  Nah, King Hopey-Change has the "Shittiest President Ever" title in the bag, and he owns the fucker! He's a liar, a thief, a sham, a Kenyan national, a socialist/marxist/communist, an asshole, and more importantly a one-term asshole.

What bugs me is the fact that he is such a bold faced liar and deceptive piece of shit politician, and he can really sell his bullshit to the retards on the left. I still don't know if they're just confused and hypnotized by the fact that there's a "black" man in the White House or by the fact that the first "black" President in U.S. History is going to go down as one of the biggest failures and worst mistakes this country ever seen.

Remember this little piece from 2008 when he was running against the real "first black president's" fugly wife?

Yup, as with most of the douchebags on the left, he's a fucking hypocrite among many other things.

I saw the Youtube video over at The Blaze.

Fuck Obama!


PeggyU said...

Why yes! It IS Fuck Obama Day. I hope November will become Fuck Obama month.

John said...


And we need to get rid of some more liberals too! Obama is a start, but there are still many more that need to go! We need to take our country back before it becomes completely socialized!