Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not In The United States...

"The government will never just kick down doors, confiscate weapons and kill Americans.  Maybe in other countries but not here.  That could never happen here. We have the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to protect us from firearm confiscation and outright tyranny. Right?  I mean, that's just something out of Hollyweird. To say it's going to happen right here in the United States of America is just some right wing conspiracy theory and paranoia gone wild." - Joe Sheeple, Anytown, USA.


Everyone saw what happened with Constitutional "rights" during Katrina. What in the hell makes you think they won't do this on a bigger scale? The biggest scale? If you think this is just some right-wing paranoia then you are living in a world of make believe. Remember just a few months ago when ATK was awarded a contract with DHS to supply them 450 million rounds of .40 cal? What in the FUCK does DHS need with 450 million rounds of anything? They certainly don't need it for border protection. Wetbacks from all over the world slip right through our borders every day in this country and DHS does jack shit to stop it, so why the fuck are they stockpiling ammo?

The so-called UN Arms Treaty ring any bells with anyone? Haven't heard anything about it on your local or world news channel? Well that's peculiar; I mean, you would expect something as big and un-American as this to be on every talk radio show program and news outlet out there wouldn't you? The reality of it is becoming more and more clear as every minute passes, but it seems like everyone I talk to either doesn't know about it, or doesn't think it's possible.....or doesn't care. They just keep living their lives in a little bubble with rainbows, unicorns and Dancing With The 'Tards because they don't have the time to get informed with anything other than what trouble the latest Hollyweird attention whore is getting into.

If you can spare 21 minutes of your precious time away from the blathering idiots on the boob tube, check out this Youtube clip I snaked from The Patriot Update and tell me this isn't possible in the United States.

I only hope and pray that those that would be ordered to confiscate and/or kill Americans in a situation like this have the sound mind and heart to do what's morally right and that the Oath Keepers are growing in numbers faster than furious. Pardon the expression.

God help us!


Anonymous said...

I fear that you are spot-on in your assessment of the current situation. God help us! is right.

kerrcarto said...

They can have them when they pry them from my cold dead hands! Come and take it!

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

With all due respect to the Constitution and the laws of America - they are only words on paper. What really gives them meaning is the fact that millions of Americans have died to back up those words. Many still are. And I don't for one fucking minute believe the government wouldn't try and pull a fast one over on us. And now we have the shit-stain in chief Omama sitting on the White House, the libs and gun-grabbers have the instrument they need to try and pull that fast one.

And we've already seen a few examples at Ruby Ridge and Waco of what the feds will do when someone tells em to fuck off. I will never trust the feds - and that my friends is what the Second Amendment is all about.

As far as the UN, that's one building I wouldn't mind seeing hit by a jet.

Goldenrod said...

As far as the UN, that's one building I wouldn't mind seeing hit by a jet.

Loaded with congress critters.

Fuck Washington D.C. and everyone in it.

Towerclimber said...

LOL! they're gonna need more ammo. 150 million Americans own firearms. Many of us own more than 1 and LOTS of us own firearms that make level III trauma plates into swiss cheese. .40 caliber pistol ammunition ain't good for much when it's stacked against a 30-06 or a 22-250.

I submit that some people see this as a government attempt at tyranny, I see it as a way to set the republic right again by wiping out the tyrants.