Friday, July 13, 2012


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is appealing a federal judge’s ruling that its animal trainers be forbidden from having unprotected contact with killer whales during public performances.

So, since a trainer was killed, the feds say Sea World employees are no longer allowed to come in contact with the Killer Whales. Using that logic I have compiled a list of things that should not come in contact with other things without a safety barrier.

  • American soldiers and Army psychiatrists
  • Students and gun free zones
  • American citizens and CIA drones
  • Barack Obama and the United States Constitution
  • Women and peaceful muslim freedom movements
If you can think of more than I could put them in the comments.


JeremyR said...

ObamAA+ and jobs.
ObamAA+ and America;s friends.
ObamAA+ and anything that is NOT a golf club.

Rayvet said...

I think you must have been listening to our local talk show host here in Georgia Neal Boortz because that's exactly what he said. He stated that far more "employees" have died at the hands of Muslims than Orcas, so contact with them in the work environment should be restricted.

Goldenrod said...

Muslims and airplanes.

kerrcarto said...

Rayvet, you caught me!

Anonymous said...

Liberals and Intelligence.