Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sounds Fair To Me

Gotta get myself a couple of these...


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

CharlieDelta: You must be referring to the hag Sandra Fuck. What gets me is - she can afford a college education at Georgetown but can't cough up ten bucks a month for BC pills. Cheap bitch! They already ripped her credibility to shreds on the Blaze.

Rayvet said...

How does she have time for classes, studying, exams etc. when I constantly see her double bagger face plastered all over the news? Me thinks she's gotten a little too big for her britches.

CharlieDelta said...

What really pisses me off about liberal bullshit like the Sandra Cunt sideshow is that although The Blaze may have ripped her credibility to shreds, that's where it ends. That's it. Done.

Sure it may get her hideous and repulsive face out of the news (which is good), and it makes her look like the lying liberal cunt that she is, but that's not enough for me. Rat fuck liberals are always playing this fucking game and they never get so much as a slap on the wrist for it. That to me is bullshit! There needs to be consequences for these politicians when they get caught peddling their lies to The People. I like public hangings or firing squad as their punishment, but I would even settle for torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers at this point.

The People have to start nailing these lying bastards to the cross every time they lie and try to manipulate or create some outcome to support their bullshit agenda. Examples of the liberal "game" are countless and are everywhere, but Fast and Furious is a perfect example and it's a recent one. The fact that the racist scumbag Eric Holder isn't in prison right now shows how far the system is corrupted and broken beyond repair. It needs to be burned to the ground across the board. No exceptions. Rebuilding shall be done in strict accordance with the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Revolution now!

Only a double bagger? Shit, don't forget about the light switch and the handle of Jim Beam or some moonshine on the night stand to get you through the horrifying ordeal.

Now that I think about it, that wouldn't be enough for me to even half-ass entertain the idea. I wouldn't be able to do it under any circumstances.

I bet Paul would hit that shit in a heartbeat though. He wouldn't even use the bags. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

InsomniacSeeker said...

Shit! All she has to do is go to a planned parenthood or health department, lie out her ass and tell them she doesn't have a job and she can get them for free....yeah, my taxes pay for them, but she can get them for free already. stupid bitch. she makes single, independent women want to kick her in the crotch.