Saturday, August 25, 2012

Attention Politicians...

Got this one from my brother. Gotta hand it to Remington for coming out with this ad.  Apparently it’s in the August American Rifleman issue.  I've had lots of trigger time on the Remington 700, and I'll tell you from my experience, it's an excellent rifle to have in your personal collection arsenal. It's also wise to have a few people with them in your favorite militia. Every group needs snipers.

"The world's largest army ain't in China."  

Fuckin' A!!


Mark@Bismarck said...

In 66' dad bought one of these new in Rem .270. It's in my closet now and it has taken lots of deer, a few antelope and numerous coyotes.

peaowed said...

Yep, this is a full page spread on page 13 of the September 2012 American Rifleman. I believe I'll make my next purchase a Remington just because of this ad.

CenTexTim said...

Ditto what Mark said. I've had my 700 .270 for over 30 years. If I carved a notch in the stock for every animal I've taken with it there's be nothing left but a pile of sawdust.

And kudos to Remington for a great ad.

Anonymous said...

CD....I have 5 lefthanded Rem 700`s
22-250, 243, 270,30-06, 338mag as well as a righthanded 270 Mt rifle & 30-06 Mt rifle. All are tack drivers.
Also have a Rem 799 in 7.62x39,gonna hunt deer this year with it.

CharlieDelta said...

I would probably stumble all over myself using a bolt action rifle in left hand configuration. I'm so used to learning everything in righty, like the guitar, it would just be awkward at this point in my life.