Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't Bring A Knife To A Gunfight...

I just got this email from a buddy of mine who swears up and down that the story is real. He told me that he knows a few guys in law enforcement and one of them happens to be in the Calexico PD, although this "source" was not involved in any way with this particular officer-involved shooting.

I'm a skeptic by nature, so I'm always looking for inconsistencies in a story or article that I read or hear.  I only found one minor problem with this story, which really isn't so much a problem but more of a question(s).   I'll save that question until after the story.

Here is the email exactly as I received it in a .pdf document:

Graphic Pictures - Calexico, CA Police Department (Shooting) Caution: ….These headshots are very graphic!!!
On August 30, 2012, at approximately 0300 hours, Calexico Police Officers were dispatched to 2nd Street in Calexico, California, in reference to a subject out of control. The subject had had numerous encounters with local law enforcement and was a known member of the Mexican Mafia. Two Calexico Police officers arrived on scene and discovered him in front of his drive way with two (2) kitchen knives waving them around. Officers called for assistance and they deployed their AR-15 (Long gun) ordering him to drop the knives, subject launched at the officers and the officers opened fire. Moral of the story…Head shots are bad for your health…don’t bring a knife to a gun fight….
I have a small question.......Did those AR-15's have bullet buttons installed on them as required by the State of Commiefornia? Just wondering. Oh that's right, it's only required by law for us law-abiding citizens to have them installed on our rifles. Not law enforcement. Politicians (especially the communist liberals here in Commiefornia) don't like us serfs having an equal opportunity of survival in a gun fight. It's that "All for me, none for thee!"government motto rearing it's ugly face again. It's yet another example of tyranny, but that's another topic for another day.

Here's what I question about this story and what I put in my reply to my buddy:
Why would the Calexico PD deploy AR-15's if the guy was close enough to launch at the officers with anything? Is that SOP for the Calexico PD to ready themselves with rifles in that situation? I would think that the two officers' service pistols would be sufficient in a setting that puts them close enough to be injured or killed by the asshole armed only with knives. Personally, at that range I would rather pump a few rounds of .00 Buck into him from my 590 A1, but that's just me.

If I get an answer back from my buddy on those questions I will post it here. I'm not trying to be critical of Calexico PD's use of AR-15's to get the job done (well, maybe a little), it's just that their choice of weapon in this case has me baffled, given the scenario.

Okay! Enough of my drunken babble.You wanna see the dead puto?

Let me say this; If a fucking paper cut or bloody nose or knocked out teeth makes you queasy, you probably don't want to see this. It's real, and it's graphic. Like it should be!!  Also this is probably NSFW, unless you have a cool boss. Click "Read more" below to see this dead motherfucker and his opened mind. You've been warned.

Looks like a round entered through his chin and exited through the top of his mellon, or he just took multiple shots to the head. Either way, I'd say he's all set and ready to go for his dirt nap. He's got his shirt tucked in and everything. Via con dios, puto!


Anonymous said...

looks like a round in the chest too,very nice

Rayvet said...

WTF is a bullet button? BTW, just bought an S&W 500 last Saturday. A true hand cannon. Wrist still hurts after only 3 shots 4 days ago. But at a couple bucks a bullet, I won't be going through ammo too quickly.

CenTexTim said...

Rayvet, I had the same question.

kerrcarto said...

Rayvet and CenTex, me too!

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

I guess I'm safe in assuming the paramedics didn't attempt CPR on this fucker. Good riddance.

Living in L.A. we're infected with these macho assholes and the shit they cause. One down, ten million to go.

CharlieDelta said...

I had a feeling that no one would know what the fuck a bullet button was. I almost put a link in the post, but I figured you guys are big boys now and could easily Google it.

Apparently I was wrong, so Let Me Google That For You

kerrcarto said...

That dude must be a liberal. He is so open minded his brains fell out.

CenTexTim said...

CD - LOL! But like my wife tells me, "Why should I do it myself when I can get you to do it for me?"

And who the hell thought up that nonsense? It had to be some cum-gargling communist California liberal asshole (but I repeat myself).

CharlieDelta said...

You can bet it was that pair of cunt senators named Babs Boxer and Diane Frankenstein. But now there is some asshole senator (from San Fagsisco no less) named Leland Yee and he's got a hard-on for the bullet button now too. Making it a pain in the ass to drop a (10-round max.)magazine wasn't enough for these cocksuckers! They won't be happy until every last law abiding citizen of Commiefornia is disarmed completely. Senator Yee's proposed "Bullet Button Ban" died a horrible death in Appropriations last month, but that little Chinese liberal motherfucker is still at his deceptive best and working like a sweatshop bitch to reintroduce it somewhere down the road. Hopefully I'll be out of here by then.

I've got two words for Senator Leland Yee......FUCK YOU!!

Webster's Dictionary has been updated to recent times, so if you look up the word tyranny there's now only a picture of Commiefornia and every last fucking democrat Senator in this God forsaken shit state!

If I didn't lose my AR-15 in the Pacific Ocean last week in that boating accident 5 miles off the coast, I would really be pissed about this asshole Yee!

hiswiserangel said...

1. Ewww, and wow, he's still holding a knife. Cool.
2. Thank God I live in Texas.

wraith75 said...

oh well . funny thing trip on this why would the fed gov want a ban on assault rifles or hi power weapons . simple would you want your enemy to have an advantage over you or to be equal to in weapons . or would you want your enemy only to have a shotgun or handgun, you can kill him or her at a distance or overwhelm them while they inturn cant do shit to stop you. whats the gov up to ?

wraith75 said...

if you can tell looks like dude got shot in the leg n chest which laid him out and the head shot was while he was on his back . if he was shot while standing his brains would be far off not still in his head just saying .not to get off topic whats the government really up to . if you guys havent noticed all the military vehicles and weapons all over just the other day I saw on highway 86 a big motar gun. this is going on all over the U.S. what are they gearing up for ,I get training but it really dont look like they are . now they want to take our assault weapons hum I wonder if they want the citizens of the U.S. at a disadvantage.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible, regardless of what the story is. "Why would the Calexico PD deploy AR-15's if the guy was close enough to launch at the officers with anything? Is that SOP for the Calexico PD to ready themselves with rifles in that situation? I would think that the two officers' service pistols would be sufficient in a setting that puts them close enough to be injured or killed by the asshole armed only with knives." WHY? Because Calexico PD are a bunch of pussy ass motherfuckers! That's why! I don't know of ONE honest cop in Calexico. They are corrupt and dirty. They will do anything to get away with stuff like this and then all the higher ups at the PD cover up for all of the pieces of shit that work there. This guy was a loving father to his beautiful daughters. He was a hard working father. Yes, he had many encounters with Calexico PD for years but WHY? Piece of shit bastards see people like him and then they become a target. As if they get high off of harassing these guys. It's like a drug addict feigning for a fix, that is how those rat bastards are! Oh, but it's ok because they are cops??? Fuck you! They have harassed the entire family for years! How much of that bitch's shit did HE have to endure? It was ok for her to be whore??? It was okay for this stupid crazy bitch to be jealous of anyone he spoke to yet she was getting laid by that bastard? Fabulous! Well thanks to YOU ARGELIA, THANKS TO YOU, your girls will NEVER see their father again AND SOMEDAY are going to run into these horrific pictures of their daddy that your little boyfriend killed because of YOU!!! Bitch!

Mike said...

Just remember, it is no longer politically correct to call them dead gangbangers. Henceforth they would prefer to be called existentially challenged members of the non-legal community.