Friday, September 7, 2012

Fat Bob

I'm outta here until Sunday sometime.  I rented a Harley for a big ride on Saturday that I'm doing with some friends that have Harleys. I've had my motorcycle license since I was 19 and have been riding most of my life but this will be the first time on a Harley for me. I'm pretty stoked about it.

I've owned all kinds of different bikes, most of them dual sports like the XL600 and the XR650L, so I wasn't sure what style Harley I would feel comfortable on and adapt quickly to.  After I told the dude at the dealer my experience and preferences, he suggested that I get on the Dyna Fat Bob. I sat on the bike in the showroom and it felt pretty good, so that's what I went with.

Here's Bob:

Oh man this is gonna be fun! See ya on Sunday, unless I decide to keep the bike for a little longer and make a run out to Vegas or something like that. I'm bringing my camera, so there will be pics whenever I get back.


kerrcarto said...

Have fun brother!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude I love that bike!

CharlieDelta said...

Well dammit. Even though I reserved the bike 2 weeks in advance it wasn't available when I went to pick it up on Saturday morning so Harley Davidson set me up with the Softail Slim instead. Paul, this thing was fuckin' badass as well!

I was a little pissed at first until I saw the Softail Slim and just about creamed my jeans. They knocked $20 off the rental and they didn't even need to because that bike was a badass motherfucker too!

My camera's battery died after I took three pictures and the spare was back in my truck at the dealer so I have to wait for the others on the ride to send me their pictures. There are some good ones, and I'll post 'em when I get 'em.