Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Face Palm

Yesterday Bret Baier was roundly criticised by Dick Durbin for asking why the DNC removed the word God from their platform. Saying if Fox News was trying to paint Democrats as "Godless" Bret is "carping on a trifle". I guess the dipshit was wrong again.

And, just take a look at that packed arena! Thanks to GreasyWrench for the heads up!

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CharlieDelta said...

Democrats: The party of bullshit hyphenated self-identity, self-segregation, self-righteousness,and self-importance.

Either you're an American or you are not an American assholes!! Anyone identifying themselves with the use of an ethnicity and a hyphen before "American" tells me exactly where their true allegiance lies and it ain't with America.

Fuck these people!

What the fuck is an arab-American democrat?

Besides being a piece of shit democrat, that bitch's sign is telling me that she is arab first and American second. By rational conclusion, her allegiance to America (if any) is merely secondary to her allegiance to whatever the fuck arab CUNTry that harbors her roots.

As far as whether or not they believe in God I really don't give a shit. It's irrelevant. They need to get over one simple fact about The United States; it was founded on Judeo-Christian values. End of story. Not Hinduism, not islam, not Confucianism, not Taoism, not atheism.

No matter how often these motherfuckers throw their tantrums about it, nothing they say or do can change that inconvenient historical truth so I have a little suggestion for them...

...get over it assholes!

Fuck the democRATS and fuck the arabs! The road to hell is paved with both of them...