Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just A Thought/Suggestion...

...on the release of the blind sheik. I say let him go. After, for humanitarian reasons (of course) we inoculate him for all the major diseases so he won't get sick, but, unbeknownst to him one will contain a tracking chip. Then, when he gets to his hidey hole in Egypt we wait a few hours until he moves to another safe house and...BOOM! Blow the shit out of the last place he visited...and so on, and so on. He could be a walking strategic bombing map for us! Then, when the Muslim fucks finally figure it out, they would think he has turned and is a mole for the US and would behead him for us. 

Problem solved. 

Damn, I should work for the CIA.


CharlieDelta said...

It's genius!

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

The possibilities with the blind old cock-sucker are endless. As far as the "inoculations", a nice fat dose of AIDS might just be the ticket. That or smallpox. We still have live virus samples at the CDC. We're only limited by our imagination.