Friday, September 7, 2012

To Serve And.....Pistol Whip, Then Lie On Police Reports

And these assholes wonder why they're losing more respect and trust from the public on a daily basis...
BRENTWOOD, MD. - Fox 5 has obtained surveillance video of a February 3rd incident involving a Prince George’s County police officer that seems to dispute his story about why his gun discharged.
Really? A cop lying? Lying in court? Lying in his report? Impossible!
A Cottage City 19-year-old spent nearly 4 months in jail after Corporal Donald Taylor claimed Ryan Dorm assaulted him and the gun went off as Taylor struggled with him.
4 months might not seem like a long time to some people, but I've done one night in jail and that fucking sucked. 4 months? Fuck. Not only is that 4 months this kid was in jail on outright bullshit charges, that's 4 months of incarceration that the tax payers in Brentwood, MD had to pay for because of Corporal Dickhead Dirty-Cop's bullshit charges.  
The video shows Dorm being approached from behind, then smacked in the head with a gun. The video shows the flash from the gun as Dorm was being struck.
Dickhead Dirty-Cop isn't only a scumbag with authority, a badge and a gun, he's a fucking pussy for trying to sneak up behind the kid and pistol whip him in the head. 
Taylor has been indicted and faces a trial in November. Bell has filed a $10 million dollar civil lawsuit in the case.
I was actually surprised when I read that Dickhead Dirty-Cop has been indicted. Finally one of these pricks has to answer for his criminal actions. Dickhead Dirty-Cop should be immediately fired for lying on his report about the weapon discharge. There should be zero tolerance for that kind of shit. Then if convicted for fabricating charges on this kid, he should be sentenced to the maximum jail-time possible. I think 1 year for each month he stole from Ryan Dorm's life would be fair. How many other people has he done this to? How many of his arrest reports are fabricated lies? How many other prick cops are getting away with this kind of shit across the country every day?

Here's the video. It should be real entertaining to watch Dickhead Dirty-Cop's lawyer try and spin this damning evidence against his client in the court room. I wish I could watch that.

This story and more (many, many more) just like it can be found here.


Don in The Peoples Paradise of Maryland said...

Cop should go to jail and its BS by the county. I work not far from there and believe me it is DIRTBAG CITY! All these idiots that live there will vote for King Cooncracker. This kid will make alot of $$'s but is in the same mold as Rodney King. He is a shitbag but the cops fucked up.

CharlieDelta said...

Thanks for commenting. Believe me, I am not a supporter of shitbags, criminals or anyone like that; including the men in blue and their "thin blue line."

I post these because it's becoming the "norm" to read about LEO's breaking the law, using excessive force, and sometimes killing American citizens when it clearly wasn't necessary or just to do so. Cops are supposed to be held to a higher standard. Too often they kick down the wrong doors, shoot and kill someone's dog for merely barking at them, or worse, execute the resident (sometimes an innocent neighbor next door) who is only trying to defend their home against what they believe to be burglars in the middle of the night.

Google "puppycide" and read all about badges and guns killing the family dog when it's not even necessary and then doctoring paperwork and getting away with it. They can just say the dog charged them and they're excused for killing Fido. That's someone's best friend, a member of their family.

It's wrong no matter what side you're on.

The police are some of the biggest breakers and offenders of the law and they get away with it all too often. That's not right and something needs to change.

I don't have a hatred for police officers. I don't have a love for criminals. There needs to be checks and balances and I'm not seeing much of that when it comes to LEOs. It seems like most of these guys are getting away with (literally) murder more times than not and I don't like that.

That is why I post these.

Again, thanks for your comment Don. Most people are too afraid to have an opinion on this topic either way and it's a surprise when someone has something to say about it. I don't expect to gain any friends whenever I post my opinion regarding dirty cops, but it's too important of an issue not to, no matter what the consequences may be.