Saturday, October 27, 2012

FOD: Just Some Basics

Posted this for MissK after seeing one of her posts today.


CenTexTim said...


Anonymous said...

love .45 acp. but i like to be able to shoot something i can afford. plus i do not know anyone who wants to stand in front of 15 rounds of 9mm hollow points. now if i was able to afford to shoot the .45 all the time it might be a different story.

CharlieDelta said...

I hear ya on the cost of ammo. I bought when the buying was good and I bought a shitload. It's all I was buying for a while there.

I like posting this one because:
1.) It's funny as fuck
2.) It's generally how I feel about it.
3.) It's funny as fuck

Not to mention, it almost always gets some asshole all worked up with his panties in a twist like it did over at MissK's.

That in itself is fuckin' comedy.

MissK said...

lol to your #3
Not picking sides here...

Just so you know, I appreciate the info, Charlie. Pretty basic, but a gal's gotta start somewhere's right?and I do like it when a Man speaks his mind.... biting your tongue probably doesn't happens very often eh.. ;-)

CharlieDelta said...

LMAO! Yeah, some people are just fucking idiots and not worth the time. You understood my comment for what it was, why couldn't Old Dick? Must be his time of the month. ;-)

Besides, I'm done having flame wars on someone else's blog. If he wants to talk shit to me he can come here and do it.