Thursday, October 25, 2012

FOD: The Libtard Strategy

You know, the more I think about this kind of shit and how often it goes on all across this country, my blood pressure skyrockets and I see nothing but red. This is the kind of corruption that goes on every fucking day with these assholes in DC and they supposedly have the best interest of their communities at heart. They're in every state, every city, county, suburb, ghetto, small town, big town, and everywhere you could possibly swing a dead politician at. They are fucking everywhere and they need to pay a price for what they're doing to this country. Where's the accountability?

Although not connected (that I know of) this piece of shit reminds me of the dirtbag "community organizers" that were caught in A.C.O.R.N.  You know? That group who changed their name to Reform Now, and Organize Now, and countless others that the Communist In Chief Cooncracker loves and adores so much?  They're not rare. They are everywhere!

The motherfucker featured in this video plotting to commit voter fraud, a felony, is Patrick Moran. He is the son of Congresscumbag Jim Moran (D) of Virginia. Nothing here proves anything about Jim Moron knowing about what his bastard son is up to, but I don't need to smell shit to know that it stinks either. Not only is Patrick the the son of congresscumbag Jim Moron, he is also the Field Director of 'Rep' Moron's election campaign. Field Director. Yeah, the stench is pretty strong from here.

This is not some isolated case of criminal behavior by the left no matter how much the lapdog liberal media would try to spin it if they even reported on it. This shit goes on all over the place, every fuckin day in this country, and scumbags like Pat Moron and those that conspire with him just go about their business as usual without a second thought because they know nothing will ever happen to them if they're ever caught. Exposure like this should have them immediately investigated for voter fraud but it won't. If this was even mentioned by the local media retards in Virginia or any media outlet, it was a tiny blurb at the end of the last late-night segment right before the story about an over-weight cat that purrs whenever it hears President ZerO speak. It's fucking ridiculous! It's beyond fucking ridiculous.

Personally I think criminal scumbags like Pat Moron, and those who conspire with and/or cover for him should be hung by the neck until death on the steps of the Capital for what they're doing, but I won't hold my breath for any real justice. Nope, just business as usual in the corrupted world of politics. Nothing to see here folks.

Here is what goes on while the American sheeple are too busy with the important things like who's going to be on the next Dancin' With The Tards.  Here's what really goes on in our country while the idiots are bickering about stupid shit like gay marriage or fuckin Big Bird.

It would be nice to be able to say I heard about this from Tingles, or the dinosaur Diane Sawyers, or maybe from that fugly dike cunt Rachael Madcow, but that would be about as believable as saying President ZerO  has our country's best interests at heart and honors and defends the U.S. Constitution.

No, hell didn't freeze over.  I saw the story here.

Fuck Obama!


kerrcarto said...

The worst thing is nothing will happen to him since Eric Holder would be in charge of the prosecution.

John said...

Unfuckingbelievable! That c'sucker Moran is my "representative"! We can't get rid of him,had a chance last election but too many dimocraps in the district.

And you're right--absolutely NO mention of this story! This is the first I've heard of it! Have heard NO reaction or response of any kind from either of the Morons--and I doubt we will, the media is obviously firmly entrenched and will not do anything that might damage the party.

John said...