Thursday, October 25, 2012

FOD: LIed To His Face

The father of murdered Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods speaks out about meeting Cooncracker and Thunder Thighs when his son's body came home from Libya.

Watch it here

Lied directly to his face! What he says Hitlarry told him is especially telling. Fucking Bitch!

UPDATE: he spoke with Glenn in more detail.

Joe Biden is an asshole.


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Larson is right. Three times in the video he said it WAS a political decision. I'll bet everything I own the Military was out of the loop.

And the real tragedy here - these four men died protecting that sorry piece of trash Omama and the walking/talking Yeast infection Hillary.

And how fucking convenient is it that the hearings on this will be AFTER the election and behind closed doors. Fuck em all!

CharlieDelta said...

Wow. For a father who just lost his son I am impressed as hell at his restraint and peaceful tone.

If I would've been standing there and heard Biden pull that shit I would've punched him in the fuckin' throat right then and there. Consequences be damned.

The ass kickin' by the S.S. that would've immediately followed, and any jail time thrown at me would've been totally worth it.

Fuckin' low class dickhead!

Fuck this whole administration!

Anonymous said...

Obummer would rather have Hillary give him a blow job than do anything else. His participation in the Down Low Club makes this true.