Sunday, October 7, 2012

Interesting Quiz

I saw this quiz over at The Feral Irishman and thought I'd answer a few questions for a laugh and see what it says at the end.  Here's a screen shot of my results.  

You can take the quiz yourself right here.

I really don't know what to say about my results.  They're interesting to me to say the least...  


CenTexTim said...

Romney 89%
Johnson 89%
Goode 61% (who...?)
obama 21%
87% repub/ 71% Lib/ 23% dem/ 17% green
Interesting quiz - thanks for the link.

peaowed said...

Romney 93%
Goode 73%
Johnson 72%
Obama 24%
I'm ok with all those numbers except one. I'm confused as hell as to how The Magic Negro and I share 24% of anything.

For CTT: Goode is a Virginia switch hitter (Democrat turned Republican) that will siphon some votes away from Romney.

kerrcarto said...

Mitt Romney
on environmental, social, economic, immigration, and science issues 88%

Gary Johnson
on domestic policy, healthcare, foreign policy, and economic issues 87%

Virgil Goode
on social, environmental, economic, and domestic policy issues 82%

Barack Obama
no major issues 24%

kerrcarto said...

Oh, and I took the liberty of fixing your non-FOD. Slacker.

CharlieDelta said...

I noticed that and un-"fixed" it since it wasn't intended to be a FOD post so much but more of just a regular post.

I like to savor my use of "FOD" so it doesn't lose its sting, or its important meaning and message.

But I do appreciate you covering for me, brotha! You're a good man.

As you most likely have already seen, my FOD post for today just went up...

kerrcarto said...

But, everyday is FOD until November 7th.

CharlieDelta said...

Is every post FOD until November 7th or every day FOD until November 7th? Now I'm confused...

kerrcarto said...

Everything is fuck obama day!

John said...

This is just a Democrat conspiracy to try to convince more people to vote for the narcissistic a-hole.

See--you agree with 20% of what he does, he can't be all bad! How can someone who agrees 90% or more with Romney agree 20% with the a-hole unless the scoring is rigged? They are polar opposites! This poll smells like an old, wet diaper!

lisakay said...

I'm 99% Republobutt no big surprise there...