Thursday, October 4, 2012


Donny (aka Walrilla) died Monday.

I doubt that many of you who read this blog knew the man. I only met the him twice myself. My first Blownstar at the Inn and Blownstar Down By The River. Both times we had a blast! A few years ago, he was gracious enough to share his killer chili recipe with me. Since then I have entered 4 cook offs and came in 2nd twice with "Walrilla Chili". Thanks for the recipe and Godspeed brother!


CharlieDelta said...

Holy shit! I met him once and drank a beer with him. He was a cool guy to talk with. How did he die?

pjack11 said...

That sucks!! Partied with him at my first Blownstar. Cool fuckin' dude. RIP brother.

kerrcarto said...

From what I heard he had a stroke or something similar.

Anonymous said...

Never met the dude...but did read many of his posting`s. The blogging world lost a righteous dude, he will be missed.
Rest in Peace, I am so sorry I nevr got to meet you.