Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clarification From Alan Korwin Regarding "Gun Ban List"

Gotdammit! I hate this kind of shit. I've been duped and feel like a total fuckin' rookie. Fuck! Please accept my apology for helping to spread bullshit that amounts to nothing short of internet "gossip." I am ashamed of myself for posting this fucking waste of time without doing some research for its validity first. For that I am sorry.

The 'gun ban list' going around all over the net right now is taken from HR1022 which was submitted by the dems in the 110th congress in 2009.  

Here's the clarification from Alan Korwin himself posted on his blog which I saw here thanks to my brother's FYI email letting me know about it. Thanks for setting me straight Jack!

That same brother of mine reminded me a long time ago about not believing everything I read on the internet. I guess somewhere down the line I forgot those words and now I am regretting it.

If you emailed a shitload of people like I did about this list thinking is was current, please send those same folks (like I'm going to do) the link to Alan's blog with his clarification regarding the bogus information that is flying around the Al Gore interwebs as we speak. The last thing American gun owners and friends of the Second Amendment need is higher blood pressure and stupid distractions that aren't even valid. All it is is one big fucking waste of everyone's time and energy. There's already enough of that as it is without ridiculous bullshit like this. My apologies for helping contribute to it.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go get a handle of Crown to help wash down the crow I'll be having for dinner tonight.



MissK said...

Thanks for the heads up Charlie. I updated my post accordingly :-)

Sarthurk said...

You folks shouldn't be too apologetic. The fact is, that the concept is out there and will not die.

Good Job, just don't freak me like that so often.


Greg said...

I'm with Sarthurk...sending it out, old or otherwise, will help keep people from getting complacent.

Danne said...

It's not how you fuck's how you recover! CARRY ON!