Saturday, November 3, 2012

FOD: Fun With The Brady Campaign Of Lies

Last night while hammered and bored perusing the internet and following a few links I managed to end up on the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence website. I really don't know how it happened, but it did. Maybe I Google'd "lies" or "bullshit" or "left-wing assholes" and they were the top of the list? I really don't remember, but because I was already there and could use a laugh I clinked on a few of their "To Learn The Facts About....." links.

Now that was comedy! I saw a link on their home page to contact them for a series of reasons. The closest I  could find to what I wanted to tell them was the link, "Report a concern or problem with web site," so I clicked on the link and couldn't stop writing. Normally I don't report any problems with someone's website to them, but I was buzzin' good and feeling extra generous last night so I took the time to do them a favor and let them know some of the problems they have. I could have written a fuckin' novel with everything I wanted to say to them, but the sun was coming up and I was out of beer, so this is what they got:

Hi, this is my first time visiting the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence website and I must say that I’m impressed.  You must have put a lot of time and money into building this site. There was just one little problem that I encountered while browsing your site; the pages are loading properly and there are no pop-ups which is good, but when I clicked on any one of your “Learn The Facts About _________” links, I’m getting re-directed to a page that is laced with nothing but opinion, deception, emotional rhetoric, fear mongering, and outright lies. There are no visible facts anywhere on this site.
You should understand that a “fact” is something real, not made up or predicted, or estimated.   A “fact” is something that contains 100% truth, not 1% truth and 99% opinion and rhetoric.  A “fact” is a piece of information presented as having objective reality.  Maybe it’s my monitor?  I don’t know, but I’m not seeing anything that even comes close to being factual here at your propaganda distribution website.  It would be funny if it wasn't so despicable how you lie to Americans and exploit the families of victims every single day with your rhetoric.  And since when do you people pay attention to facts? You have never let the actual “facts” get in the way of your bogus argument before, why now?  And why are you just trying to prevent gun violence?  What about kitchen knife violence?  What about violence committed with screw drivers, machetes, and baseball bats? You’re not concerned about that kind of violence? What about a good ol’ fist fight and beating someone to death?  You don’t want to try to prevent that? Maybe you can have your pocket politicians draft up some legislation to ban “assault” fists? Maybe you could put your efforts towards the tool show loophole that allows one person to sell another person an axe without any background checks.
 If you really care so much about saving lives, shouldn’t you call yourselves The Brady Campaign To Prevent ALL Violence?  Why the witch hunt with firearms?  Do you ever educate the suckers buying into your rhetoric and propaganda about the statistical facts of firearms saving lives?  No? It’s not good for business for you is it? Guns save lives all the time all over this country, but I don’t see any of those facts here.  Not one. Why is that? I thought you were educating people about the facts. 
Oh, that’s right you ignore THOSE facts. After all, THOSE facts might get in the way of your next huge monetary donation from some poor mother of a pre-med student who was robbed and then stabbed to death right in front of his two daughters and his wife after a night at the roller rink.  No, the Brady Campaign To Prevent Self Defense had already greased the palms of a few left-wing politicians to draft some other silly and useless law that made it ILLEGAL for this father and husband to carry his handgun in public for self-defense or any reason, concealed or otherwise.
The Brady Campaign of Shame decided on their own that their campaign of lies and deceit is somehow more righteous than anyone’s right to self-defense, more righteous than the U.S. Constitution. You're telling us that The Brady Campaign and ONLY The Brady Campaign should be the ones to decide if, when, where, and how the rest of us can or cannot defend our God-given gift of life. Who the hell do you people think you are trying to dictate our rights to us?
 I’ll tell you what your shameful organization is; it is a disgraceful scam bilking millions of dollars out of Americans in their time of mourning every year.  It’s a dishonest fraud preying on the uneducated, the misinformed and the grieving. It’s an organization supported by ignorant, childish and ridiculously emotional left-wing hypocrites, and it’s a danger to the lives of millions of law abiding American citizens everywhere, every day. 
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Common Sense and Self Defense has blood on its hands and it isn’t going to wash away as easy as your so-called “facts” on this website do. 
Other than that, I think this site is running as it should.  Thank you. 
Charles Delta, III
It would be comical to see what they respond with if they do, but I'm not going to hold my breath. If by some weird chance they actually do, I'll post it here but I'm sure this went straight into their recycle bin after the first paragraph. These fucking people don't give two shits about preventing anything except you and me from exercising our 2nd Amendment RIGHT. They don't really care about saving any lives, that's just their sales pitch to keep that money coming in and their propaganda going out. They all can blow me...

Fuck the Brady Campaign, and FUCK OBAMA!


John said...

Well Said! I'm not a "gun nut" but I support the constitution and the 2nd amendment! If we let one amendment fall, then they will all fall!

angrymike said...

That was awesome, you know some low level moron had to read that and get extremely pissed. I'll bet you were the talk of the office today.............;-)

Goldenrod said...

I definitely approve.

Two thumbs up.

kerrcarto said...


hiswiserangel said...

You are amazingly lucid and eloquent when you're hammered. I'm impressed. :-D

CharlieDelta said...

LMAO! Thanks. That's the first time those two words have ever been used to describe my writing. Ernest Hemingway I think said it best when he said, "Write drunk, edit sober."

Thank God for spellchecker...

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