Friday, November 2, 2012

FOD: More Highway Signs

Last week when I was over in AZ on another scouting mission I decided to take a different road out of Prescott just to see something new. My buddy who lives in Mesa told me that Highway 89 southbound through Glen Oaks and Wilholt was a beautiful drive, and since it eventually hooks up with Highway 60 where I wanted to go I took it.  He wasn't kidding.  It was a beautiful drive through the mountains and down Yarnell Hill, which overlooks Peeples Valley, Wickenberg, and Congress. I had some douchbag in front of me going 25 mph and the motherfucker wouldn't get over to the right so I could go around him. I fucking hate cocksuckers like that! Going down Yarnell Hill it's just one lane, and in four miles you drop 2,500', so it's all steep with nothing but corners and switchbacks - my favorite!

There were plenty of turnouts that asshole could have used.  I don't know what it is with Arizona drivers, but they are some of the most selfish and fucking stupid drivers on the road I've ever come across. They don't even do the speed limit in that state, and none of them apparently grasp the concept of Slower Traffic Keep Right! It's one of those things that just bugs the shit out of me. Remember that video game Spy Hunter from the early '80's? The one where you could just ram other cars off the road into a ditch or off a cliff? Yeah, that's all that was going through my head.

Finally, at the bottom of the hill it opened back up to two lanes, so I punched it and passed the motherfucker giving him my one-fingered salute. Then it was time to relax a little so I cracked a cold one, sparked a smoke, and threw in Zeppelin III, which must have been some kind of weird foreshadowing incident because the first song on the album is Immigrant Song. I turned it up, and it wasn't even fifteen seconds into it before I was reaching for my camera to snap a pic of this sign. 

At the time I didn't even notice those immigrants illegal alien democrat-voting wetbacks running across the road up ahead of me. I just saw that tonight for the first time when I was going through my pictures of the trip. Those fuckers are lucky I slowed down to grab the camera because I was closing the gap at about 95-100 mph at the time and Pedro's fuckin' flag had to be creating a lot of drag as they darted across the asphalt on their way to the polls. 

I snapped this pic about a mile south of Kirkland Junction and a few miles north of Congress.

Only four days to go until the worst President in United States history gets his termination notice, and the RINO asshole gets his notice to start brushing up on the job description so he can fuck everything up too. Sure, anyone would be better than the communist dingle-berry we have right now, but the RINO isn't much to cheer about as far as I'm concerned.  As usual, we'll "win" with the lesser of two evils here and that will be enough for a big block of those who call themselves conservative, or tea party, or whatever to sit back and be happy and content with big government bullshit. You probably know a few of them. I sure as fuck do. Ya know, the ones that will stop paying attention to the decline of the American way of life and the systematic shredding of our Constitution and liberty while telling themselves, "It could have been worse. At least Romney's a republican, blah, blah, blah. Democrats are bad. Republicans are good, blah, blah, blah." You know what? Fuck you!! The first person I hear say something retarded like that is going to get punched in the throat! Fuckin' morons!

If the GOP thinks conservatives, the true conservatives, and the liberty-minded folks are just going to be content with the liberal republican they nominated, they are living in a fuckin' dream world. If they think they can just throw us a bone, a shitty bone at that, and we'll just sit back and be quiet and feel "lucky" to have Romney at the helm, then they have another thing coming. Romney. Don't make me puke.

Anyways, after I came pretty close to wiping out a family of  immigrants people just coming here to work illegal alien democrat-voting wetbacks I was almost at Congress which was good news because I was low on gas, out of smokes, and I was pushin' cotton. For a ghost town, Congress, AZ was a pretty happening little town. There was more going on there than in congress in D.C. that's for sure.

I had to stop just before pulling into town and snap this pic. This is dedicated to all of the useless, dishonest, over-paid, lying, criminal, hypocritical, asshole, motherfuckers who are wasting our time and our money and are doing absolutely fucking nothing to serve The People.  Fuck you all!

So I got out and stretched for about 10 minutes, I gassed up, dropped Cooncracker's kids off at the pool, got some smokes and another six-pack, and I hit the road again for the six hour drive home. From there all the way back to San Diego it was pretty uneventful; even boring at times, but I made it back and I'll be heading back out to AZ for another scouting mission next week sometime. That is unless the rioting is still going on after Cooncracker's epic landslide loss in four days. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.



kerrcarto said...

Your such a racist.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Charlie - Your encounter explains much. I always wondered what those little greasy spots on the Arizona highways were... slow border jumpers.

And the Police in Arizona who patrol the interstates are mother-fuckers. I was heading to El Paso many years ago on personal family business and got stopped by them coming and going. I didn't get any tickets but they issued me an "official warning" for speeding. When I asked the cop how he spotted me since I was on a long straight section of road he pointed to the sky. This was on Interstate 10. Watch your ass on the highways there buddy.

kerrcarto said...

Yup, ever wonder what those white hash marks on the shoulder of the roads are. The DPS uses them to time you from the plane. They do the calculation and If your speeding they send a squad car to get your ass.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Kerrcarto, your explanation makes sense to me. When I got stopped I was on a long straight stretch of interstate 10 and there wasn't a cop in sight. And when I'm hauling ass I always look behind me as much as looking forward. There was no way and nowhere for that cop to be hiding. I could see for miles and miles. He came up on my ass out of nowhere when he nailed me. I got lucky and like I said, all I just got was an official paper warning.

BG said...

I got a ticket the same way on I-10 years ago between Lordsburg and Tucson.

Off Topic - What will happen to this blog if Barry O wins? Will you guys implode or what? I agree Romney isn't much better, but I bet he won't bow to Muslims.

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah, I've been nailed by the "bear in the air" a couple of times. Once on I-15 near Fallbrook and once on I-8 east of El Centro.

I'm the same way when I'm haulin' ass. My eyes are in my rearview mirror about the same amount of time they are looking forward. The motherfucker both times was waiting for me on the shoulder ahead and that's how I new some bastard in the air got me.

If the unthinkable like that happens I'll still be around on here posting. That is until ZerO's Brown Shirts come to take me away to re-education camp. I've been burned out on politics for the last 4 fucking years. I just want November 6th to be over with so we can move on to the next step, whatever it may be. Just want to get it over with.

I don't think RINO Romney will bow to the stinkbeards, but he's a piece of shit, big government, anti-gun asshole and he shall get no respect from me until he proves otherwise...

kerrcarto said...

If Cooncracker wins? I imagine this blog and thousands of others will disappear. But then, there is always HAM Radio. Which dad still has all the shit to make that work.

CharlieDelta said...

I have a Cobra CB radio in my truck for any SHTF situation where cell phones were shut down, so I can link up with the crew.

They're cheap, easy to use, free to use, and hard to shut down. Once cell phones became an everyday convenience, the price of CBs dropped in half. It's a good addition to have in any 'ready' vehicle.

And if you're too young to know what a CB is, I don't really know what to tell you. Stop reading this drunken drivel and get back to playing your video games or whatever it is you punks do these days.

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