Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday 11/16/12 - Mark Your Calendars

Mark your calendars if you give a fuck. On Friday November 16, 2012 Dennis Kucinich will be hosting a Congressional briefing to address the implication of unmanned combat drones overseas as well as here at home in the United States, the 4th Amendment, and targeted killings utilizing the drone program. If you give a flying fuck about what your government is up to and how they're slowly chipping away at our freedoms and liberty, then this should, for lack of a better word, interest you.

This is one of those things that all Americans should be paying attention to, concerned about, and proactive in their understanding of what their government is up to. If you're an American and aren't even a little bit concerned about the use of unmanned drones by our government to spy on, and possibly kill, Americans then I'll just say it - You are part of the fuckin' problem and I see no use for you. You don't deserve to live in a free country, and you definitely don't deserve any fucking respect. Wake up.

I first saw the video here.


Fukitol said...

Thanks, CD. This shit is really getting under my skin, and both goddam wings of the alleged two Party bird in DC Inc. are promoting it. Recently, they had DHS certified drones owned by citizen Useful Idiots flying in The Peoples Republic of Detoilet. That won't end with mindless do-gooders looking for annual roaming of Obamao Luo tribe voters on the running out of shit to down night in Splibville USA.

From all technology that I've read about on these insipid gaddam things, they are most vulnerable in pinpointing while on take off, and upon landing. Other than that, it will locate with extreme accuracy.

CharlieDelta said...

It's fuckin' lame Fukitol. It's ridiculous that it's being allowed to happen right in our own "free" country because no one either knows about it, or gives a fuck about it.

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