Friday, November 30, 2012

Liberal Appreciation Month

Finally! I thought the day would never get here. Aren't you sick and tired of every month out of the year being commemorative to something somehow in this country; dedicated to "celebration" or "awareness" by some dumbass straight, white-guilter looking for a reason to feel better about themselves? Peddling their fluorescent-colored feel good bracelets to wear around and claim how morally superior they are to you because they celebrate "Diversity" or "Awareness" to some dickball group of attention whores that think they're special for some reason? I'm fucking sick of "National Poverty In America Month", "Black History Month,"  "National Poetry Month," "National Hispanic Heritage Month," "National LGBT History Month" and all the rest of the ridiculously moronic "National _______ Months" that celebrate more "diversity" (which really means anti-white-straight-male-conservative). They set up booths trying to peddle their little feel good bracelets to wear around claiming righteous and moral superiority to the rest of us intolerant average folks living in the real world, and it drives me up the fuckin' wall.

Well I have some great news! After years upon years of these stupid fucking commemorative months driving the majority of Americans man, there is finally a commemorative month that's been set aside for something everyone should celebrate and appreciate. Finally a cause that makes sense and brings some sanity back to the insanity of it all.

Finally I feel included. Finally I feel like I not only could, but should participate, commemorate, and appreciate the special month of December. After the devastating blow to the country in November, it's only fitting that December is the time to decompress a little and get our ducks in a row; maybe even stop to smell the flower power. So join in with me and your fellow Americans won't you? Let's all show the rest of these dipshits celebrating "National Poetry Month" how it's done. Let's show them how we celebrate "Liberal Appreciation Month" each and every day of December into the new year. Have you shown your liberal appreciation lately?


kerrcarto said...

So, it is punch a hippie month? Is this an holiday?

CharlieDelta said...

Eh, liberals, hippies, monkey faces, let's just start punching them all!

angrymike said...

You two are on to something , it could be lots of fun....:)

Anonymous said...

Keep America Beautiful-Hang a Socialist Today