Friday, November 30, 2012

More Police Bullshit

Granted the chick spits on him, but really, your such a badass that you have to taze a chick, one that is handcuffed to boot. You are such a man.


CharlieDelta said...

These civil servants are supposed to be above petty retribution, supposedly trained extensively on being able to maintain their cool when dealing with drunks, unruly, etc. so they can maintain their cool under pressure.

Chalk this one up as another Officer Asshole put to the test resulting in another EPIC FAIL. What would've he done without a camera around? He knew that camera was there and he tazed her like it was an acceptable thing to do. How much worse would've it been in an area with no cameras?

I hope she wins her $2M lawsuit against the department and then goes after the prick personally. This was nothing short of assault on that woman with her hands cuffed behind her back. Real fuckin' tough guy huh? Tough guy with a badge, a history of "instigating violent conflicts with suspects", and a union to all but give him an endorsement to continue his thuggery and climbing the ladder in his career as a thug.

At the very minimum Officer Asshole should be terminated from the dept. and a big black mark on his record, but thanks to the Police Union he will keep his job and maybe even get a promotion as a result of his 'heroic' actions.

And for anyone that's going to say some bullshit we hear all the time like, "It's a tough job. Show him some respect. He's under a lot of pressure dealing with unruly people every day, blah, blah, blah" I will answer with saying that the motherfucker needs to get a new job then because he obviously can't maintain a cool head when he straps on his fuckin' badge and sidearm. No one made him be a cop. He knew what he would be encountering before he even graduated from the Thug Academy. He probably learned how to rough people up working as a "Correctional" officer in the county jail.

Respect? Just because LEOs have a hard job doesn't mean they deserve automatic respect. Lot's of people have hard jobs and they perform their jobs in a professional manner. Every single day. Even some cops. But just like anyone else they have to earn my respect; they don't just get it because they're cops with a "tough job."

Rayvet said...

Oh come on. That whale criminal didn't even feel it. With aids, herpes simplex 400 and God knows what the hell else comes out of the orifices of these law breakers, she'd be lucky I didn't pop a cap in her fat ass. The punishment fit the crime on that one boys. If it was a female cop, permission for an ass whipping would be granted. Since we got the video, she WILL NOT win the law suit.

CharlieDelta said...

Wow Ray, your approval of that civil servant's actions kinda surprises me, and scares me a little. Really?

She was drunk, not that is an excuse or free pass for spitting on the thug, but you really think tazing the chick while she was cuffed with hands behind her back was a fitting punishment? Had she lost motor function and muscle control from the 50K volts surging into her body from one of those fucking things she could have done a face plant, slammed her head on the hard floor and been knocked into a coma, or something worse. Stranger things have happened with the over-use of the tazer. Why didn't he just give her a little shot of pepper spray? Made her wear a spit mask (which is designed for that exact application)?

After lighting her up with 50kv they just circumvented the medical procedure for removing the barbs on the wires stuck in her body by just yanking them out themselves, and that's fitting to you for her crime of drunk, disorderly and spitting on a cop?

Damn man, this is exactly what I'm talking about when I say these instances with prick cops crossing the line just continues to become more commonplace everywhere because they know the average American is sitting back saying, "they got what they deserved," or "that will teach them to do that again" or something like it.

Here's the problem though - it's not in the parameters of a cop's job description to be the one to punish someone for their crime(s). It's not up to the cop (or it's not supposed to be) to carry out or decide on his own what punishment any person "deserves" for their crime. That's what judges and juries are for.

Don't think that I think it was okay to spit on the guy, because I don't. I certainly would never do that, but as the article says, Officer Asshole has a history of incidents having "instigated a disproportionate number of violent conflicts with suspects..." so that should tell you something about his character and mindset as a 'tough guy' cop. Who knows what he said or did to her prior to her spitting on him. Whatever it was I don't condone spitting on anyone, but an individual who is supposedly deserving of respect to answer her stupid move with a shot from his tazer is crossing the fucking line. It's excessive, and it's unnecessary and it could have done a lot more damage to her than it apparently did in this case.

Slippery slope Ray; giving cops unconditional support is not just insane it's dangerous for everyone breathing. I'm not saying that you blindly support cops (at least I hope you don't) but that's what I see a lot of in the comments sections whenever these videos are posted on YouTube or elsewhere. The cops have had that same unconditional support from too many people for too long and that's why there are so many 'on the beat' (interesting choice of their words don't you think?) who are fucking out of control and more times than acceptable, are downright criminal.

Do they get to do whatever they want to do to someone else when they're out there "serving and protecting" the citizenry? Who's policing them while they're policing us?

Gregory said...

What would Judge Dredd do?

Fukitol said...

Well, at the risk of a full on flame assault, my 2¢...

I cannot muster up any sympathy for the observed culture of Inked FUPA, be they sober, or drunkards. They've been indoctrinated to bring their invisible cock into the arena where real cock exists: suffer the consequence, badge, or no badge. The most severe ass beating I administered in my lifetime came with being spat upon. Tunnel vision of a peripheral field of foggy white happened. But, those were my younger days, and times were more in tune with being appalled at such lowlife behavior by an alleged Man. When the police finally intervened to piece together the incident with taking statements from witnesses, the offending party receiving care in the ambulance, and from me, while keeping a watchful eye on a puffed up vengeful asshole that was party of the beaten; common sense prevailed. The spitter was facing arrest for assault, and disorderly conduct if I decided to press the charges. By this time the vengeful asshole created a big enough scene, and was in cuffs too.

I asked the supervising Officer how badly fucked up was the piece of shit who spit upon me. The answer was bad. Real bad. Teeth missing, nose flattened profusely bleeding eyes already swollen closed bad. As I recall it, it happened, and was over so quick I had disbelief so much damage happened. I asked the supervisor what his thoughts were with going to the meat wagon for me to get a statement from the lowlife that if I don't press charges that the whole matter goes away. He understood what I was saying, and that I was looking further down the civil suit road. About 5 minutes later the supervisor returned with my contract agreement, and justice was served for that day. For me, the police did their job that I pay them for - to serve and protect. It is the foundation of our Republic to provide our Orderly society. It is also my choosing as to whom I decide to enter into contractual agreement with as a sovereign. Again, justice was served that day.

While I am agreeable with some of the rants I read here, which place light on a few LEO's run amuck from their proper role, however, this particular rant is a wee bit over the top for my tastes. Sure there are some bad actors within law enforcement: there always has been. Likewise, ask most in prison, and they'll spend hours telling you of their victimhood innocence no matter evidence to the contrary. What I see more, and more today is a once decent American culture in its last stages of moral decay. Frankly, I barely recognize the nation I grew up in with the encouraged slide into a corrupt oligarch managed abyss of serf squalor. This is also why I moved to a similar childhood rural roots that I can relate to, where the scant Inked FUPA are a sideshow oddity properly ostracized, and the law enforcement don't mind beating the-ever-loving-shit out of undesirables, and malcontents at the gates of our Orderly little slice of Heaven if us residents don't do it first.

As compelling as a few seconds of video may be with causing fantods for jackboot flag raisers, I make no apology for lowering Nakina Williams "civil rights" money grab to half-mast. Responsibility resides with one being civil for one to bemoan civil rights violation. To reward the same Inked FUPA who pleaded guilty to arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon with sizable monetary treasures as "hoped for," only perpetuates the slide to inmates running the asylum decay. I have reached my end with every swinging dick ACLU minded shyster out there filing suit for their 1/3 cut of settlement, or judgement for lowlifes, which is merely a punitive tax on a community. Please, pick me as a juror, and most of these trials will receive - not guilty.


Goldenrod said...

I don’t think the tazing was necessary although she may be a typical vermin that lives on our dime and if that's the case she may deserve it expecially if she voted for Obama.
Alternately, the cop has a history of such actions and I despise a wannabe Gestapo.

John said...

Whether she is "vermin" or not doesn't enter into it. She was handcuffed for F*ks sake! Totally unjustified behavior by the cop in this instance! Even if she voted for Obama she doesn't deserve it--the fact that Obama won is more than punishment enough, as those voters will realize once they wake up!

CharlieDelta said...

"Well, at the risk of a full on flame assault, my 2¢..."

No flame assault at all man. I can appreciate comments with differing opinions no matter what they are. It doesn’t mean that I have to agree with the comment or even like it, but a well thought out opinion is always welcomed here and is really the only kind worth reading; like yours and others here always are. I like a differing opinion because it makes me think. That’s not to say I won’t call bullshit on someone when I smell it because I will, but the last thing I want to read here (or anywhere else for that matter), is sycophantic babble from some rectal smoke-blower playing on both sides of the fence. Those types are a dime a dozen and not worth the time, and trust me - I know you ain’t one of ‘em.

Just like I’m not an ACLU lovin’, frivolous lawsuit cheerleadin’, cop hatin’ anarchist who thinks that spitting on someone isn’t deserving of consequences, because it is. I am a firm believer in Karma, both the good and bad kind, but I don’t believe that it should be delivered to the deserving party at the discretion of a civil servant who has a history of instigating or provoking violent conflicts with suspects.

I’d like to know why in the first place that prick is still on the taxpayer funded payroll with his kind of history. Why is he still a cop? He shouldn’t have had the authority to write a fucking parking ticket, much less apply 50,000 volts of electricity to someone’s body. BTW, cops are given full discretion to use the tazer whenever they deem necessary so it’s all conveniently a matter of subjective decision when it goes to court. Was he just following protocol and doing his job as he was trained in the academy? How many other cops at that station “serve and protect” like he does? Was his reaction just S.O.P. anytime an officer is spit upon in that department? Does tazing a woman, no matter how much of a scumbag, with hands cuffed behind her back fall within the agency’s guidelines? Next time it happens does Officer Asshole, at his discretion, have the okay break her jaw and knock her teeth down her throat?

I’m not blind, either man. I know there are times when a suspect is deserving of the state-sanctioned ass kicking that he or she gets. Sometimes they deserve a lot worse of an ass kicking than they actually get. Spitting on someone not only shows that the person doing the spitting has no class or couth, but shows the ultimate disrespect towards the one being spit upon.

I would have done the same thing you did to the fucker that spit on you, maybe worse. I would want to make sure that bastard had to eat dinner through a straw for months. The bitch in this video is a classless dirt bag no matter how you slice it, but her status ain't the point.

Cops are supposed to be held to a higher standard than average Joe Citizen. Problem is, they aren’t being held to that higher standard and everyone pays the price. Cops are supposed to be able to control their tempers and maintain composure and professionalism under pressure. This asshole wasn’t under any pressure and he definitely couldn’t control his temper.

In fact the only control he did have was in his itchy trigger finger, and I hope that it costs his agency $2 million. They shall reap what they sow. Sure the loss ultimately screws the taxpayers of that particular town, but maybe those taxpayers will start demanding a higher quality product for their buck next time.

Fukitol said...

Roberto Alomar.