Friday, November 16, 2012

Nomenclature: Crosman Should Know Better

I was at WalMart tonight in their Sporting Goods department just walking the aisles looking to see if there was anything I might not be able to live without this weekend camping in the Mojave Desert. Nope. I already  have everything I'm going to need to stay warm, stay dry, and stay drunk. I was thinking about maybe picking up some shitty little camping gag gifts for a few rookie campers pussies that are going to be there this weekend but I don't have the money to blow on stupid shit.

You know? The cheesy over-priced crap that yuppies buy at REI or A16 before they go "hiking" or "camping" in their RVs at the KOA Campground Trailer park Resorts with electricity and hookups? Those yuppie essentials like latte or camp espresso makers, fucking  stainless steel chopsticks, "organic" hard candy, fuckin $31 towels, or my personal favorite, the Hugger Mugger Eco Bamboo Yoga Towel for only $40, a fuckin special camping watch that must have a special feature that performs fellatio you or something, or this 21st century fire starter for only $30 that eliminates the ridiculous need for anything else to get those fires started. It also eliminates the hassle of doing it the old fashioned way. Forget all about that $1.09 you were thinking about wasting on a Bic or a box of matches when you can buy something that costs 30 times as much and requires 10 times the effort to get a fire going.

You know what I mean? Stupid shit like that. Stupid shit that has no place in any campsite I want to be a part of anyways. Although, I do believe every camper should invest in one of these at the very minimum. It could be a matter of life or death without one. They're low on weight, so if you need a lot to keep you hydrated and going it won't be a problem to have a dozen in your pack while you're out hiking in extreme temperatures. That doesn't mean it has to be overpriced crap from REI, but it's one of the essential pieces of gear that no camping entourage should be without. Another one that you may or may not know could save your life one day is one of these. You cannot call yourself a serious camper unless you have one. Period. Although I don't know what the fuck a Coghlan's Can Opener is; never heard of it. They've always been called P-38's at Army surplus stores, or as my dad always called them, a John Wayne. I guess Coghlan's sounds a little more appealing to the fucking yuppie douchebags in their red or bright orange $600 North Face "Free Thinker" jackets. Free thinker? More like Stupid Fucker! $600 for a fucking wind-breaker because it says, The North Face on it. BFD! These assholes have the personalities of pine cones, and they have no place in the wilderness or anywhere else that's not accommodating to their special yuppie needs at the snaps of their yuppie fuckin' fingers.

There I go way off on another tangent that was really only supposed to be a minor detail of the post subject which was the misuse of the terms "clip" and "magazine" and how I fucking hate when they're used as if they are somehow the same thing, when clearly they are two completely different things that perform two completely different functions.

So anyways, I was browsing the Sporting Goods department and while looking over gun cleaning shit and checking out what they had as far as steel targets go, I came across the AirSoft crap and had to laugh. But then I saw the name of the company on the packaging. It said Crosman. Yeah, the same Crosman that's been around since the 1920's making air guns among others. I still don't quite understand how someone who's been around the industry and the sport for as long as they have can get such a simple thing wrong and then basically let the wrong continue to go on misinforming the uneducated into continuing to use the terms wrong in some kind of sick, twisted, and annoying little cycle.

If you've been reading our drunken drivel here at GGDF for any significant amount of time you probably know this is one of those things that annoys the fuck out of me every time I see or hear someone calling a magazine a clip, or calling it a magazine clip, or calling it a high capacity magazine clip because it is fucking wrong. The explanation of it all is so fucking simple to understand, yet people just don't; and they continue to walk around sounding like fucking idiots, pissing me off, and keeping the incorrect usage alive and well and believe me it happens more often than it should. Kerrcarto knows this and likes to give me shit whenever he can about it.

Sorry for the blurry pic. The camera on my phone is a piece of shit, and so is the pictured AirSoft Spare MAGAZINE!.

On a side note, I came across this disturbing news in my search for stupid and ridiculous yuppie camping gear and thought it was pretty funny and worth sharing this guy's observant and humorous rip on yuppie 'outdoorsmen' with you. I can't say I disagree with much of anything the author says about the subject matter either. Fuckin' yuppies!


Danne said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears!....OH MY! Be aware yuppies, the woods are full of em....stay home and avoid being a know kinda like that Bear lover whatshisname..Timothy Treadwell BWAHAHAHAHA!

The RV industry started all this pussy crap in the 1970s when it transformed the publics imsge of camping into "you ain't shit unless you roll out into the woods with a $60,000 RV". Anyone out there brave enought to just sleep out on the ground??? Lions and Tigers and Bears....OH MY!

Fukitol said...

Yup. When I hear "clip" mentioned, it has caused me from time to time to "decock the hammer" on ignorant assholes.

Have a few for me this weekend, CD.

Anonymous said...

with Obama in for the next four years I might have to go to the sports store and buy a few 42 round magazines and a few 30 round ,we can still buy them in Georgia

Graumagus said...

If I'm not mistaken, the clip on the left is 7.62x39mm for an SKS, and the one on the bottom center is 7.62x54R for a Mosin-Nagant.

Yeah, the people who mix them up piss me off too.

Scott said...

One of the upgrades in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II is extended clips. I would have thought that somebody in the Call of Duty organization would know the difference.

My SKS (1954 Russian from the Tula armory) uses stripper clips and my AR15 & Glock use magazines (preferably high capacity).

Armed and Larry said...

My WWII surplus rifle uses a clip, it has a built-in 5 shot magazine, where the heck can I buy clips? Can I save the empty clips and reuse them? The rifle is easy enough to load one round at a time but would be kewl to speed-load like they do in "Band of Brothers".

CharlieDelta said...

Armed and Larry-
My buddy buys all of his M1 Garand clips from Cheaper Than Dirt for a reasonable price as you can see here and here. Believe it or not they're made in the good 'ol USA too which isn't very common for C.T.D. products.

Unless something has changed in the last 70+ years that I'm not aware of, the clips are reusable. There might be some cheap Chinese shit clips out there somewhere that only work once, but the USA-made steel ones on C.T.D. specifically say you can reuse them.

Hope that helps.

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