Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Police State: More Federal Agencies Violate Rights

It's not just DHS and the Border Patrol with their unconstitutional checkpoints popping up all across the United States, now the National Forrest Service and Arizona's Department of Game and Fish are in on the raping of the U.S. Constitution as well. What the fuck? Are the majority of Americans that fucking spinless to allow this to continue un-challenged? This fuckin' police state shit is out of control and it needs to stop! Eh, who am I kidding? It's not going to stop, it's only going to grow. The Divided Police States of America has become its own worst enemy; essentially pissing on the graves of everyone who has fought and died for the last 225 years defending the Constitution. Anyone defending these unconstitutional check-points for any reason is blind, ignorant, and/or brainwashed and doesn't deserve to live in a free country. That, or they are an employee of one of the federal agencies conducting the systematic gang-raping of our rights as Americans.
TUCSON - Redington Pass visitors had to go through a Forest Service checkpoint Saturday. 
Forest and National Park rangers along with the Arizona Game and Fish Department made sure visitors followed the law. 
People legally shoot firearms in areas next to the main road. Many of them leave their empty cartridge casings and targets on the ground.
Really? The Federal Government has the time and resources in this shitty economy to set up and man fucking checkpoints inside of our borders all in the name of keeping land free of spent brass and targets? They have all this fucking time on their hands to violate the 4th Amendment of the Constitution to bust a few asshole litter bugs? Is this some new government goal? To keep American land litter free? Are they really that concerned about the trash being left behind? You could have fooled me!

I've always hated the motherfuckers that bring their microwaves, refrigerators, bottles and other shit to shoot in the desert and then just leave it out there when they're done. It just invites others to do the same, as well as turns the area into a dump for the cheap bastards that don't want to have to pay to go to the landfill and dump their trash. Happens all the time. More important than that, it gives gun owners a bad name and gives anti-gunners more ammo to close those areas and others like it citing the trash as an excuse to shut them down to every other person who enjoys an afternoon of exercising The Second Amendment.

All of that being said, it still doesn't justify this blatant violation of our constitutional rights. It doesn't justify checkpoints, unwarranted searches, or the harassment of American citizens who have done absolutely nothing illegal and have broken no laws. With four more years ahead with the Communist in Chief reeking havoc on Americans and the Constitution, look for more checkpoints, more illegal searches, and more of our rights being straight up ignored and disregarded by the Fed. The fuckin' mindless progressives are happier than pigs in shit. The mindless progressives should be lined up and hanged on the steps of the Capital for treason.
Law enforcement stopped about 250 vehicles, reminding shooters to pick up their trash. 
A driver admitted shooting, but did not have the empty casings. A Game and Fish officer turned him around and told him to pick up his empty rounds.
Hey Game and Fish Officer Asshole, how about you go fuck yourself and hassle the wetbacks that are leaving (literally) tons of trash in our deserts as they illegally enter invade this country. Maybe some guy near me reloads his own ammo and asked if he could have mine. Maybe someone else brought trash bags and let me dump my shit with theirs. Or is that illegal now too? Fuck off, brownshirt!
Heidi Schewel is the spokesperson for the Coronado National Forest. She says the checkpoint was all about education. 
"Here's what's responsible. Here's what's acceptable," Schewel said. "These are public lands to be used and enjoyed by everybody. Let's keep them that way, so everybody can really enjoy them and use them."
Hey Heidi, first of all it's not the government's fuckin' job to "educate" law abiding adults about what you consider "responsible" or fucking "acceptable." Your checkpoint was all about education? Well if that was the case then all you would have to do it hand someone a fuckin' flyer and wish them a good day. Is your definition of "education" illegal searches, arrests, and the clear-cut violation of people's rights? 

Second, if you're so gotdamn concerned about the fuckin' trash being left behind, why aren't you educating the wetbacks illegally entering invading this country every fuckin' day? Yannow, the ones actually doing something illegal?
Officers gave 11 citations including marijuana possession, underage drinking and an illegally killed deer.
More of that "education" I guess.
Many who went through the checkpoint appreciated the enforcement.
Many who went through the checkpoint should be bitchslapped before being deported to Cuba or any other fucked up communist shithole. Many who went through the checkpoint have the mindset that the government just loves! They'll be the first ones herded to the showers.

You know? The more I see of these Nazi-style checkpoints popping up all over the place, the more I realize that the majority in this country doesn't fucking care anymore. The majority would rather be taken care of policed by the government. Preserving and defending the freedoms the Founders left to us is just too much work for the selfish minds of the average American asshole in the 21st century. The majority in this country don't value or appreciate liberty and freedom; freedom like no other country the history of the world has ever seen. What happened?

This country is finished. The republic is lost. For those of you with children, my heart goes out to you and your kids both. To watch them grow up to be future slaves for the NWO must be heart-wrenching, unless you're some fucking liberal cocksucker who thinks the shredding of the Constitution is a good thing. I don't even want to think about what the future holds for the United States. It's enough to make someone snap.

Twenty years from now, will the Fed have checkpoints to make sure we've wiped our asses properly after taking a shit? Will there be a checkpoint at the end of each street to ensure that our auto insurance is current, or that we have properly inflated tires? Where and when does this police state end?

Those that just sit by and let the government do whatever the fuck they want "for the benefit of everyone's safety" or "for the greater good of society" or any other bullshit government ruse can fuckin' blow me! You assholes are the fuckin' problem and one day I hope you pay dearly for your apathy.

Checkpoints: Coming to a Police State near you...

Just a question here; Wasn't it King Cooncracker's administration that was raising the biggest stink about Arizona's SB 1070 because as he said it was "a violation of civil rights" of American non-American citizens, wetbacks, or illegal aliens? Wasn't that the big fuckin' problem to him? Didn't he say something about it being like Nazi-style Germany in so many words?

Right. So if I have this correct, according to King Cooncracker, it's not okay for the government to violate "rights" of illegal alien criminals (who have no protection of rights under our constitution), but it's perfectly fine and dandy for the Fed to violate the fuck out of American citizens Constitutional rights every fucking day?  


kerrcarto said...

Remember the National Mall after cooncracker's 08 innauguration? Where were these dicksmacks telling people to pick up their trash?

CharlieDelta said...

The levels of hypocrisy is just un-fucking-believable dude. What bugs me more than anything is that they never get called out on it. Sure someone might mention it, but then the subject is changed and they get a free pass on it.

Everyone should just go out and punch a fuckin' 'progressive' in the throat today. I think that would make the world a better place instantly...

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