Friday, November 9, 2012

Racism? Hate Crime? Xenophobia?

Hardly. Just another example of liberal bullshit and a dying media in this country basically creating their own fuckin' "news" of racism and prejudice instead of just reporting the facts. 

When this was first reported on in March of this year the N.Y. Slimes and every other media outlet that reported on this painted the same ugly picture of a California town full of eeevil, white, redneck, racists and a culture of Iraqi immigrants living in fear. They know racism sells, and if they can keep racism alive and well they're guaranteed job security. 

Integrity? We don't need no stinkin' integrity.

Do you think they'll follow up and report the latest developments in the case? Do you think they'll clarify that it indeed was not a racist or a hate crime carried out by the media's favorite scapegoat, the eeevil white heterosexual male?  Do you think they'll even mention the fact that is was a moose-limb woman murdered by her moose-limb husband? Me either.
— The husband of an Iraqi woman who was found beaten to death in March in their El Cajon home has been arrested in connection with her death, El Cajon police said Friday.
Kassim Alhimidi, 48, was booked into jail Thursday evening on one count of first degree murder in the death of Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old mother of five.
I laughed when I saw this in the Union Tribune today because back in March when I kept hearing the media try to paint the 'hate crime' picture, I called it for the bullshit it was and even said the husband probably did it himself. 
Alawadi was attacked at the family’s Skyview Street home March 21. She was struck on the head at least six times and suffered four skull fractures, according to court records. She died in a hospital three days later.
Her family said a note was found near her body, telling them to go back where they came from. The family said a similar note had been left on their door weeks earlier, but they did not report the incident or keep the note.
They didn't report the incident or keep the note? How convenient. That was all that was needed for the fuckin' media bottom-feeders that promote racism daily with their fabricated bullshit to take the ball and run with it. Anything to sell their fuckin' story. The media, just like the two race-baiting "reverends" Jesse Jackoff and Al (not so) Sharpton, wouldn't know what to do for a buck if they couldn't fabricate racist stories and agitate the 'melting pot' in this country. It's the only thing they have to keep themselves relevant, which they aren't.
The early implications that the slaying was a possible hate crime spawned international attention, especially among the Muslim community. 
Well of course it did. Any reason to portray themselves as victims of an "intolerant, racist America" is a good thing to these fuckin' third-world, 7th century subhumans. They feed off of the sympathy and attention. I'm surprised they didn't burn down half of El Cajon rioting in protest.
In an interview a week after the killing, her husband told the Arabic Al Arabiya News: “My wife was a victim of xenophobia.”
And the liberal media just ate that shit right up. Poor moose-limbs. Boo-fuckin'-hoo! Do you think that same media will give the same amount of air-time, if any, to correct their original 'hate crime' claims? Yeah, me either...

I'm so fucking sick of liberal bullshit. Liberals all over the world are all the fuckin' same. They consist of the lowest forms of human (and sub-human) life and they are good for absolutely nothing at all.  Knowing that one day they will have to answer for their actions is about the only thing that keeps me from giving them some swift and just retribution of my own. Assholes.


boilerdoc said...

I am one hundred percent standing at your side on that!

kerrcarto said...


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

This shit reminds me of the "lynch nooses" that keep showing up on college campuses and elsewhere. Ninety percent of the time it's fake shit perped by the ones who have the most to gain - black racist shit-stains.

Remember that fat pig Madonna Constantine from about five years ago. She's still suing innocent people over shit she's been proven to have pulled herself. And the fucking idiots of American Pravda swallow it hook line and sinker every damn time. Fuck em all!

Rayvet said...

Whether he did it or not, the note about going back to where they came from is still appropriate and applies. This goes to ALL muslims that have immigrated here. We don't want you, we don't like you, we don't need you. Our lifestyle does not mesh well with yours so what the FUCK were you thinking when you came here. You might Sharia the disphit libs/dim/socialists you choose to live in proximity to in the insect like swarms of the cities, but those of us in rural America will never tolerate your bullshit. So please, for your own safety, go back to where you came from.

Fukitol said...

Rural America is a true Godsend. To which, as with all things Progressive/Lenin/Marx/Gramsci, it requires that God must be removed for man to rule supreme. Thus, enters UN Agenda 21/ICLEI to squeeze rural sprawl back into the concentration that is urban communalism mentality vertical sprawl development. If one truly cares about their rural community, they had best become involved with their County Commissions, and Township Boards. All politics is indeed local, and that can be either ones firewall, or where one is destroyed from within.

I love my little slice of rural Heaven, and will defend it so to remain unfettered with my last breath. As it stands today, the majority thinks the same way. We have a clear unstated belief that if it is Sodomite, or gets on its knees and points its ass West 5-times a day, or refuses to speak English, it is NOT welcomed; and for everyone's best interest .. just keep on passing through.

Fuck the muHAMmadans!

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PeggyU said...

rich b ... and of course the gay people who are allegedly attacked by homophobes - like that woman in Omaha who messed herself up and then called the police.

Brooke said...

My family & I discussed this case when it first happened, and we KNEW it was an inside job. We all said it was probably her husband. I hate El Cajon. Used to love it, grew up here, lots of family history here. Now it just sucks.

CharlieDelta said...

I agree, it definitely sucks now. Just tweekers and stinkbeards mostly now. Unless you're on the other side where it's all trashy gang assholes looking for something to steal. Ironically, those pricks tend to congregate around the police station. I guess it's true; where there's cops, there's robbers.

20 years ago you could leave your car door unlocked and the windows down overnight and not even give it a second thought. Same goes for the front door of your house. Not any more.

We have the Trolley to thank for that. Now all the trash from the border cities comes east to El Cajon and Santee (yeah, Santee too) and ruining everything. Gangs, drugs, graffiti, theft, etc. etc. etc. Yeah, you can thank the MTS and the assholes that push for "diversity" in EVERYTHING for the sad state it's become...