Monday, November 26, 2012

"Reasonable Restrictions": Paving The Road To Hell One Right At A Time

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about what the future holds for the United States in the next 30 or so years. I'm only looking ahead 30 years because I really don't expect to make it that far in the first place, but even if I did would I want to be alive to see how it all turns out? I don't think I do honestly. When I look around at all of the worthless fucks in this country it boggles my mind that we as a country have survived for 230+ years.

The liars, cheats and thieves, the child abusers and rapists of all that is innocent and pure, the murderers, the lazy slobs, the selfish idiots, the blood-sucking leeches and their entitlementality, the users and abusers of someone's big heart and good intentions, the immoral, unjust, and transparently evil, the mind-numbingly stupid, and those that are in the "all the above" category keep winning. They multiply by the thousands much like dirty rodents, and they raise more and more future rodents to keep the cycle going. It's good I got my "trips" over with and done in my 20's, because this is one of those re-occurring thoughts I have and it's enough to drive me insane without Lysergic Acid Diethylamide being in the equation. 

Where does it end? More importantly when does it end? Just under a month from now on 12.21.12 like Nostradamus predicted? That would almost be a relief right now. I'm to the point where I find myself hoping that the Mayans weren't just smoking some good shit and got too stoned to keep adding to their calendar. Realistically, I bet it will be exactly like the Y2k scam (and genius marketing ploy) where millions of people looked like fucking morons on Jan. 2, 2000 after they had cashed out and spent their retirements and childrens' college funds on boxes cases pallets of candles, Diet Coke, mustard, and Slim Jims. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

But this isn't about 12.21.12 so much as it is about the future of this country. If the world is still around on 12.21.12, that means the government will still be at it trying to dismantle the Bill of Rights and make the Constitution an insignificant and re-written document in America's history. They will still be ignoring and dishonoring their Constitutional oath and doing whatever they can to disarm law-abiding Americans as often and as un-Constitutional as they can get away with. Don't doubt that for a second. Tyranny is having a big ass party on our dime every single day in Washington DeCeit and their elitist attitudes are enough to..... 

If you think the U.S. government intends to "allow" us, as "free" Americans in the 21st century, to remain free and  retain our 2nd Amendment rights as the Founding Fathers intended then I have some beachfront property in Iowa I'd like to sell you. Great view of the waves and everything. Trust me.You'll love it.

The government has been softening up the masses of ignorant and apathetic sheeple and stealing liberty and freedom from American citizens for decades. You may not have even noticed some of what they've robbed from us already because of their cleverly designed subtle tactics spread out over time. They've done it in an incremental fashion that has been quite effective to say the least, and they're not done. Have no doubt they're aiming for more of our rights, and the 2nd Amendment is their ultimate goal. Without the 2nd Amendment the rest of the Constitution is only as good as the paper it's printed on. 

How are they going to do it? Eric explains it much simpler and better than I ever could. Honestly, his post was the entire reason why I started writing this one. As usual, my mind veered off from my conscious into subconscious and the tangents that usually come along with it just took over and two hours later I still haven't said what I really wanted to say, so I'm finally going to STFU and refer you to Eric's well thought out and well written, Here's How It Will Be Done...

It's short and to the point, so read it and weep for this country's future if the thugs in DC have their way.

I swiped this YouTube clip from the comments on Eric's page because I liked its brutal honesty and the truth spoken in the words. I think it should be seen by anyone and everyone who wants to live as free people, who can actually think for themselves and who gives a shit about changing the fucked up road this country is currently on.



MissK said...

You are linked..

Hope you had fun in the Desert, Charlie :-)

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

More and more I keep reading the words "succeed" and "revolution" on various sites on the web. And this isn't coming from people on the fringe. These are everyday people who are sick and tired of being sucked dry and exploited by a government that only seems to exist to perpetuate its own existence, instead of being here for the good of the citizens.

As far as the second amendment, it exists for one reason - to protect and guarantee the other nine in our Bill of Rights. Remove the right to gun ownership and the Bill of Rights becomes nothing more than words on paper.

And one of the
Founding Fathers mentioned and warned us about governments that "WILL" or "WOULD" steal our rights in little bits and pieces. It's easier for them to do it that way. That way the masses (I.E. democrats) won't notice what's going on until it's too late. I wish I could find the exact quote because I have made that very point several times on my own blog and in threads on others.

kerrcarto said...

Damn good rant brother. It reminded me of a song I posted about a few years back. We need to start looking in the Feds lunch boxes.

CharlieDelta said...

Thank you and yes I had a great time camping and raising hell with a few like-minded folks in the crew that I would give my life for. I would have already posted some pics, but I didn't take many in my drunken state. The folks that did take pictures are slackers when it comes to sharing them, but when I get them I'll post a few.

rich b-
I have noticed the same thing about the numbers of pissed off folks (pissed off about the infringement and loss of our Constitutional and God-given rights) increasing daily. I love it! It's about the only thing that gives me hope for this country's future. I just hope it isn't too late by the time the silent majority wakes up.

Anyone (like that nappy headed DHS cunt Napolean) who says that Americans who are up in arms about the loss of our liberties are "on the fringe" or are somehow "extremist groups" are the true enemies of freedom and liberty, whether it's intentional on their part or just out of apathy and ignorance. The reason doesn't matter to me. They are on the wrong side of everything that is good and noble and I have no use for them whatsoever. None. Molon Labe motherfuckers!

That's a great tune. It's kinda funny that you bring it up now, because my brother busted that one out Friday when we were helping pops cut down some trees in his yard.

John said...

"...The suspect pled guilty to all charges, confessing that he had shot and [killed the] officers because they had drawn their weapons and that he had shot the 17-year old in the back simply because he wanted to shoot someone, and the boy was the first to walk by him. He was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences, but was allowed out on furloughs 10 years later...."

This is an old story, I looked it up because there is a bridge in MD dedicated to them, thought it waa military.

2 things: It kind of fits your theme here--the shooter claims he killed the cops because they drew their guns on him. He also killed a 17-year old prior to this. He was given 3 life sentenced, but released on furlough 10 years later--liberal justice!

Whether or not your agree with the cop-killing here, even one murder deserves more than 10 years! I'm a firm believer in the death penalty myself--regardless of whether the victim is a cop or not.

CharlieDelta said...

"...and that he had shot the 17-year old in the back simply because he wanted to shoot someone, and the boy was the first to walk by him."

That is murder and that alone is all I need to give the motherfucker 2000 volts from Old Sparky, or a Dr. Kevorkian cocktail. There is no reason whatsoever that motherfucker should have been alive after conviction and sentencing. Especially when he confessed to doing it, and the reason for doing it.

The cops? That is not murder if they drew on him and he killed them in defense of his own life. Not having been there myself, or able to hear facts and details in the case kinda makes it hard to call that one, so I won't even entertain that idea.

However, I will say one thing: Anyone who draws down on me is fair game as far as I'm concerned. No question about it. That's human instinct. If it's a kill or be killed situation, I don't care who it is I'm not just going to give them free target practice on me and a story to tell their pals later.

I'm not sure of your motivation here John. What is the point you're trying to make by posting that story from three decades ago? Is there a question in there somewhere that I'm not seeing?

Capital punishment is justice served as I see it. If you murder anyone, no matter who it is, you should face the same consequences if you're convicted. The same rules should apply to cops that murder civilians too, but that never happens the way things are set up.

Like it says in the video, a badge doesn't (or it shouldn't) grant someone extra rights, or more rights. It doesn't (or it shouldn't) mean different rights, or less rights for civilians.

I believe capital punishment should be carried out in the same manner as the guilty party murdered their victim(s). Victim repeatedly stabbed to death? Guilty verdict means State execution by repeated stabbing until death. Suffocation was the cause of victim's death? State execution by suffocation for the guilty. Blunt force trauma to the head? Same thing, Etc.,Etc.

Keep in mind though, murdering someone and killing someone are two completely different actions under completely different circumstances. Therefore, the consequences should be handled accordingly; completely different...

Fukitol said...

A fun factoid many don't know: Red Dawn, a movie about gun control

Wolverine, brothers

John said...

'm not sure of your motivation here John. What is the point you're trying to make by posting that story from three decades ago? Is there a question in there somewhere that I'm not seeing?

I ran across the story while looking up to figure out the story behind the bridge dedication. I just thought it was interesting that it seemed to make your point about self-defense against cops, even though it is a very old story. I also found it disturbing that he got out after only 10 years, despite the murder of the 17yr old.

It is a slippery slope, self-defense against cops. As you mentioned each case needs to be evaluated separately, you just can't make a blanket statement that all cops are thugs.

Most of the people who get shot, in my opinion, are scum like the one in the article. The danger arises when the liberal justice systems automatically assumes that all cops are thugs, and blindly side with the 'victim' without properly evaluating the situation in which the killing/shooting occurred. You then wind up with violent criminals on the street, instead of locked up or executed. Thug cops are a danger, but so is a liberal justice system that supports the 'victimization' of criminals using 'self-defense' against cops.

CharlieDelta said...

After going back and reading my previous comment, it kinda came off like I asked you the motivation for your comment with an arrogant or smart-ass 'tone' when that wasn't what I intended, nor do I mean to have that 'tone' in this comment, so don't take it that way. (Just wanted to make sure that's clear, because it's hard to tell sometimes through writing and I don't want lines to get crossed over something that is really nothing.)

"Most of the people who get shot, in my opinion, are scum like the one in the article."
- I would tend to agree with that statement for the most part.

"The danger arises when the liberal justice systems automatically assumes that all cops are thugs..."
- But just the opposite is happening. The average American automatically defends the cops and assumes they are the forces of 'good' and would never be abusing their power of the badge. However, the instances of civilians being murdered by LEOs (who get a free pass because they're 'just going their jobs') is becoming more common all across this country and that is something that should alarm every American.

Watch that video in the link above and tell me if you think that was justified or not? Read the comments people made in defense of the cops. Read the reason for the middle of the night "no-knock raid" on the house. Was that justifiable in your eyes? I'm just curious.

Try to imagine what you would do as the homeowner being awaken from deep sleep in the middle of the night by the sound of your door being kicked in. What's your first instinct going to be?

Stories like this one are becoming all too common and acceptable these days to the desensitized American sheeple who don't even bat an eye at the intrusive invasions into our personal lives or the transparently obvious infringements on our Constitutional rights as so-called "free" Americans by these tax-payer funded thugs. These are the 'good guys' that are supposedly protecting The People from the bad? Really? No thanks. I'll protect myself.

Looks to me like the bad guys are the ones that survived in this case. They got to go home that night to their families, and maybe embellish their stories to their pals back at the station or with their neighbors over a few beers. Looks more to me like the bad guys are the ones being funded by our tax dollars and are given "get out of jail free" cards from the fucking DA through legislation and considered 'heros' to Joe Dipshit living in Ignorantville, USA.

{from CB}:
Unsurprisingly, the cold-blooded murder of Todd Blair was found to be “justified” by the local DA which means that the dangerous murderers responsible for planning and conducting the raid (including the officer who shot Blair) are free to continue conducting these ultra-violent raids on nonviolent people with total impunity.

Who's next....? [SPIT]

Rayvet said...

Intereseting take on police here so let me interject my observations. I live in the country (which is where most sane minded people choose to live). The cops are our neighbor, friends, sport coaches etc. etc. Good people that you can count on when you need them and they are very supportive of our second amendment. You folks must be talking about the cops in cities, urban blight, liberal bastions of society etc. In those situations, ANYONE that was once a sane American could easily turn into the "thugs" you folks see the police as. For me, in my town, I see them as just another helpful tool to maintain safety and peace in what is already a safe and peaceful area. Suggestions to all those that have had bad encounter with the gestapo/I mean police....GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE CITY. That is currently the problem that is the cause of all our country's ills (city living). That's my take.

try2win said...

I still can't understand why the republicans supported Romney for president and the right wing media pimped out Romoney, knowing he would not over turn NDAA, Patriot ACT, Obama care, DHS etc. In the primaries we had people on the stage in the deabtes who would. Yet the RIght wing machine FOX, Hannity, RUSH, Told us Rmoney was the man to beat Obama.

Ron Paul, Johnson, Perry would have all been better choices.

CharlieDelta said...

I feel the same way about these so-called "conservative" dicks that make up the GOP these days. Is this how they thank their supporters? Throwing them a bone in the form of a fucking RINO two elections in a row?

How are they really any different from the libtards besides their stance on gay marriage, abortions, and other stupid shit that shouldn't even be on a list of 'important issues' to tackle right now anyways? The GOP has shit the bed for good on this one. Americans are desperate for a leader that honors his oath and honors the Constitution above anything else.

Personally I am done with the GOP. They can go fuck themselves and keep running their RINO douchebags and keep pissing off real conservatives and Constitutionalists and keep losing elections to the entitlement-catering, country-weakening, gun-grabbing libtard communists. Seems like it's what they want anyways. I voted (L) in 2008 and voted (L) in 2012. If there is a 2016 election, chances are (L) will have my support again.

The (D)s and (R)s can both suck a big government dick!

John said...

CD: I am not easily offended, took no offense to any of the comments you made.

Regarding the video:
The cops identified themselves,quite loudly, before, and after, busting in the door. They saw an "object" pointed at them and reacted. Someone commented that it was a golf club, I couldn't tell because the video was too dark.

Cops are trained to "react", not to think. They saw an "object" pointed at them, and reacted. If they could tell it was not a gun, then their actions were not justified. If they could not tell what it was, then you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Are you going to take the time to decipher whether an object pointed at you is a real gun or not? Probably not, it could mean your life!

The video you have posted further up of a handcuffed woman being tasered is a clear abuse of power, and should be punished appropriately.

CharlieDelta said...

CD: I am not easily offended, took no offense to any of the comments you made
-Okay good. Just wanted to be clear about the "tone" of my words.

"Cops are trained to "react", not to think.'
-I agree, and I think that is a major problem with the entire spectrum of LEOs all across this country with the badge, the authority and mindset to take someone's life with impunity.

Keep in mind this particular "No-Knock Raid" carried out in the middle of the night by a UT SWAT team that resulted in the murder of an unarmed American citizen was done all in the name of busting an alleged dope dealer with no record or history of violence.

Nothing about this state sanctioned murder of an American citizen carried out by SWAT is justified.

If they could not tell what it was, then you have to give them the benefit of the doubt.
-Give them the benefit of the doubt? Are you kidding John? Why in the hell do they get your benefit of the doubt? SWAT was in control of the situation from the start. A team of at least 5 LEOs all tech'd out vs. one unarmed man minding his business and SWAT gets your benefit of the doubt? Any bias there?

They broke into his house in the early morning hours when the guy was sound asleep. They kicked in his door and then identified themselves (if you call three people yelling over each other "identifying"). A group of guys wearing all black gear yelling shit with bright flashlights flashing all over the place for the intended disorientating effect and flashlights shining right on the victim when he was murdered and they get your benefit of the doubt?

C'mon now John, watch the video again. You can see clearly that the victim is not holding a gun or pointing something at them. You might not be able to tell it's a golf club, but you can tell it's no gun. He is standing in the hallway with the stance of a baseball batter who's waiting for the pitch when he is gunned down. I can see that much in a shitty little YouTube video. SWAT could see that too.

For you too tell me that the video is too dark for you to be able to say whether or not it's justified and then giving me this, "if they could ________ but if they couldn't _________" kind of answer is no answer at all, but really more of a (pardon the expression) a cop out...

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