Wednesday, November 7, 2012



That is all.


Goldenrod said...

Alright, all you asswipes, where the fuck is all MY free shit. It's my turn for a free phone, car, t.v. and all the other shit....and remember, I still have all my guns.

lisakay said...

fuck me runnin'

angrymike said...

Agreed.....FUCK.........; \

PeggyU said...


BG said...

We should move to Colorado.
At least the next 4 years may be more tolerable with weed.

PeggyU said...

Washington legalized it too, kinda sorta, since it's still a federal offense. If you care to know how "legal" it is in WA, read the 65 pages of I-502 to see how much you can have, what grade it has to be, etc., in order for you to possess it "legally". Oh, and the state is salivating
at the potential income from the sin tax that will accompany it.

It dawned on some of the smarter potheads that they may have been better off without this passing, as the government now has a fiscal interest in their hobby. So, they will come under more scrutiny and government interference. It's questionable whether this will really lighten our prison load, given the low amount set for legal possession. Some marijuana users have spoken out against this, but it passed anyhow. They can thank their mostly liberal friends for visiting this upon them. Elections have consequences. Oh well, I guess they can see what's in it now that they've voted for it!

What I find most amusing is that some of the anti-502 people would prefer to buy from a nice capitalist drug dealer, rather than deal with the government. I expect this to continue to be the case, as people will not appreciate suddenly having to fork over more $$$. I think most of them will still take their chances with illegal purchases and hope not to get caught.

CharlieDelta said...

Commiefornia legalized it for "medical" purposes and I still buy it from a buddy of mine. I mean, back when I was still tokin' I would...

I know a guy with a "medical card" that he paid some doctor $89 to issue him. Now he can be pulled over with weed on him and not even get so much as a ticket because of his "prescription card." I know a bunch of people who have them. The doctors advertise in the fuckin' paper for cryin' out loud.

I took him to the medical dispensary/pharmacy once and he got a sativa hybrid and an indica strain and the price was about what you'd pay on "the street." It came in two little Rx bottles that were placed a little white bag with the Rx symbol printed on it and his receipt stapled to it. It was no different than picking up a prescription of penicillin at Walgreens. He even called in his order and amounts so he didn't have to wait once we got there. I thought that shit was funny as hell.

The dispensaries are all wrapped up in litigation and legalities right now so they are temporarily shut down. Apparently no one has the capacity to think logically anymore in this country because this is an ongoing dispute between the state and the fed and the cost of it all is billed to the taxpayers. It wouldn't be as bad if logic would prevail and the issue just went away, but nothing is ever solved with these assholes. It's fuckin' ridiculous!

The war on drugs is a fuckin' joke! You would think this country might learn something from the mistake of prohibition in the Roaring Twenties but then again this country just re-elected a fuckin' straight up communist to run the show, so I guess that's a good indication of just how far we've degenerated.


CharlieDelta said...

Something that's kinda funny to me is that in Colorado, weed legalization got 50,000 more votes than Cooncracker did.