Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's Your Citizenship?

You know, for as long as I've been old enough to drive I've been made to go through these random Border Patrol checkpoints all over San Diego and Imperial Counties and at the Yuma border, and I've never really had a problem with BP agents asking interrogating me for minding my own business whatever it may be. Asking where I'm coming from, or where I'm heading, my citizenship, if I'm hauling any illegal weapons, if I have any wetbacks stuffed under the hood, or dope in my quarter panels, or if I've had anything to drink, or whateverthefuck other questions they've asked. I've always been polite and even told them to have a nice day as I continued on my way. I never used to even give it a second thought because I just thought, "Well, they're keeping the wetbacks out of the country and the drunks off the road," or something naive like that. But nowadays I see it for what it is - an incremental intrusion on Americans' lives and a total disregard for our rights. Nothing more, nothing less.

Since when do we as Americans have to prove who we are as we travel the highways inside of the United States? Was there a change made to the Constitution that I'm not aware of? Did the Fourth Amendment have an expiration date written in the fine print somewhere? Did it become null and void at some point and nobody mentioned it? As far as I know, the Fourth Amendment still exists a little, right? Or was the TSA that Dubya created the beginning of the end of that pointless and stupid Fourth Amendment?

These checkpoints, stacked with the DHS flood lights blinding drivers as they approach the BP agent interrogators, the intimidating dog handlers with their agitated dope-sniffing dogs circling vehicles, the trick questions and the little games BP plays hoping to get you to stumble over words or contradict yourself so they can pull you into "Secondary Inspection" and rifle through your shit, and every other fucking hoop we "free" Americans are expected to jump through (without questioning anything of course) is absurd. There's nothing Constitutional about what they're doing, but once again The Sheeple are wide asleep, deep awake and more than willing to give up everyone's liberty for a little false security.

These checkpoints have been violating ass fucking all sorts of Americans every single day inside the U.S. borders for decades and the government laughs about it as they're ramming it in. They know the good little sheeple of America will just blindly follow the herd right into the slaughterhouse because it's all in the name of "Homeland Security."

That's why thirty years later these checkpoints still exist - they've never really been challenged until recently. DHS knows that what they're doing is un-Constitutional and they don't give a fuck. Who are we to question their motives? Stupid serfs! After all, they're doing us a favor keeping us "safe" from the Boogieman by interrogating and violating law-abiding Americans' rights.

This short little clip pretty well illustrates how the DHS knows they have no right or authority under the Constitution to harass, interrogate and search Americans traveling inside our borders when they've broken no laws. Otherwise the two dudes in the car would've had the cavity search of their lives after receiving 50,000 volts from Agent Yesman's tazer.

Setting up these checkpoints up to 100 miles inside the U.S. borders and drilling Americans with questions about where they're coming from, where they're heading, what they've been doing, and yes, even asking their citizenship is all designed to soften our reactions to even more Constitutional infringement and theft of our rights by the gestapo in the future. I'm sick of just watching them steal it from us. When is enough enough?


Edward Blazinski said...

I don't know maybe someone will find it interesting, it's thoughts about citizenship:

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

I haven't been to Tijuana since 1975 when I went down there with a couple of buddies and bought a shitload of fireworks. My first mistake I made was driving across the border and parking there in Tijuana. When I tried to cross back into the U.S. the fuckers at customs were WAITING for me. I swear they seemed to know I had something illegal because they singled out my car and directed us into a separate lane of traffic and did a very thorough search of me, my two friends, and found all my bottle rockets and bricks of firecrackers.

I still believe the fucker who sold me the shit in downtown TJ turned my ass in and the customs guys were looking for me and my friends. They even tore apart my car looking for drugs and used a couple of dogs to do the sniffing. Hell, I wasn't even smoking pot or drinking liquor at that time in my life.

Come to think about it maybe we did look suspicious. Me and my buddy Matt - two white guys, and a black dude named Larry I used to hang out with. I guess we sent up a red flag. And the irony - me and Matt were a couple of fuck-offs and my friend Larry was a straight as arrow nerd who didn't even drink or get high.

Later, when I headed back up north on I-5, we DID get stopped again somewhere near San Clemente and went through another round of shit. I didn't think much about it then but now you point it out Charlie just what the fuck are they doing stopping citizens who've already gotten back into the U.S. Remember, this was 1975 and I haven't been back to Mexico since. Fuck em all and the sombreros they rode in on.

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