Monday, December 31, 2012

She's Not Just Commiefornia's Problem Anymore...

The hypocritical communist cunt is at it again. To call it unConstitutional would be a gross understatement. Look for the career politician to introduce her new gun-grabbing legislation tyranny in early 2013. 

Go check out this good piece written by Dan Roberts @ Ammoland. The entire article is good, but this one paragraph of his sums up the probable outcome in the near future if these elitist scumbags in Washington DeCeit keep it up. (Emphasis is mine.)
There are MILLIONS of Americans who have simply had enough of elite rulers ordering them around, violating their Oaths and chipping away at our freedoms and rights under one false pretext after another. If cooler heads in Congress don’t prevail in the coming weeks of the debate on gun control, it is a virtual certainty that there will be bloodshed on both sides.
That about says it all as far as I'm concerned. This says the rest...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Jams

Just in one of those moods.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Playing Right Into Their Hands

We all know that this whole gun control argument is bullshit and just another reason to try to take our guns away. My worry is that all the folks calling for armed guards at schools are playing right into the Democrats, Progressives Rat Fuck Communists hands. Can anyone say E(ducation)S(afety)A(dministration). The democrats would love to have armed government union employees in the schools. It would be a wet dream come true.

Just a thought.

Things I Am Thankful For.

Print A Gun?!

Yes, yes you can! Pretty cool shit!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Just For You Bro!

Merry Christmas you drunk fuckers!! I hope you both have a great one!

Bob Rivers - Police Stop My Car by redgubbinz

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Speaking Of Wetbacks...

If I hear Feliz Navidad one more time today I'm going to fuggin' lose my mind. I know it's par for the course this time of year, especially here in San Diego Northern Mexico, but is it too much to ask for some Christmas music in English for once? 

Something like this maybe?


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Jams

Wetback Tobacco

Friday, December 21, 2012

Busy Weekend

Getting the last of my Christmas shopping done hopefully today but probably won't be done realistically until tomorrow or Sunday. Once that's put to bed then I can start getting fired up and start digging out all my camping and backpacking gear for another trip to the Mojave Desert on the 26th for a few days of roughing it with God and a couple of my bros.

Have a fucking weekend!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jamie Foxx Has.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Soledad, You Ignorant Whore...

I just can't take it!  The gun grabbers on the left and every last one of their uninformed, or misinformed and ignorant minions that support their tyrannical and unConstitutinal policies has crawled out from under their rocks again, this time to exploit the mass shooting in Connecticut recently and they wasted no time in their attempts to exploit the murders of 27 innocent men, women and children. These fuckin' left-wing vultures can't even contain themselves. They're all over everything - like a fungus. They're running their mouths all over the television, radio and internet about something they know absolutely nothing about, and the same fucking brain dead retards that voted for "hope" and "change" just repeat the bullshit lie like it's gospel.

What kills me are these ignorant assholes like Soledad @ CNN who get up there in front of the cameras, invite an opposing point of view on their show so they can "debate" an issue, and then just turn the entire segment into their own personal sideshow performance.

This dumb bitch didn't acknowledge one fact that Lott put on the table. She was too busy using her scaaaawy voice to say "semi-automatic" as often as she could.  You know? Semi-automatic.  It's the new liberal anti-gun catch-phrase they decided to go with over the weekend at CNN, because if Soledad says it in her scaaaawy voice, it will sound just as eeeeeevil as "fully automatic" does to these useful idiots on the left . What a fuckin' hack! I was going to count the number of times she says, "semi-automatic" but I can't stomach listening to the idiocy in damn near every word she says.

Soledad and the millions of uninformed assholes just like her are going to be the first to die when the SHTF, so at least that's something to smile about. If they don't die in the first 24 hours of civil unrest, Soledad and  the millions of emotionally driven retards just like her will be the first ones kissing ass, chuggin' cock and running to the safety of their neighbors who are armed with one of those very same semi-automatic rifles that she wants banned.  I truly despise the left not so much because they are irrational and stupid, but because they force their stupidity on the rest of us with their irrational and stupid legislation.

Liberals really are the stupidest fucks on the face of the planet. Soledad is just another inept CNN hack who blowin' the CNN execs. so she can stand in front of the cameras and show the entire world just how big of a an ignorant left-wing asshole she really is. You gotta hand it to her though, she obviously mastered the CNN "debating" technique and procedure didn't she?

The funniest part of this video is the title of it on YouTube, "Soledad takes down John Lott."  Takes him down?  BWAHAHAHHAA!  Soledad did many different things in this "debate" or "interview" but nothing she did even resembled taking someone down.  That's some funny shit.  The only thing this whore "took down" was her CNN pimp's instructions for her to repeat "semi-automatic rifle" as often as she could in the allotted time.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Now They Come For Our Guns

They can have mine one bullet at a time!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nadine Shubailat Is A Fucking Dirtbag!

Nadine, you worthless dirtbag of a subhuman. How do you look at yourself in the fucking mirror without taking your own life?  You, and the shitbags that you work for prove to us more every single day just how fucked up and shallow you really are. 

Story behind the screenshot is here

Well Said, @artayd2

Thanks to Fukitol for the link.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Going Off The Rails On The Gravy Train

Paradise Lost: CA To Provide Free Cell Phones For Homeless
In California, the unemployment rate may be above 10.2%, and the state debt may be above $16 billion, the state’s GDP may be in serious trouble and businesses may be leaving in droves due to ever-increasing tax rates, but that isn’t going to stop the gravy train for the state’s poor and dispossessed. The California Public Utilities Commission is all set to greenlight a new program that would give homeless and low-income people free cell phones – call them Obamaphones – with free service. The idea is to help them reach out to possible job opportunities and stay connected with family.
I can't even find the words to comment on the ridiculousness of this 'progressive' program from start to finish that, once again, will be used and abused to fucking death on the taxpayers' dime.  It will be no fucking different than EBT, WIC, and every other fucking libtard  "feel good" welfare program these assholes in Suckramento have forced on Commiefornians for the last 40 fuckin' years.

I suppose I should probably see the bright side of this, and make no mistake there is a bright side. The "free"  Moonbeam Phones program and others just like it are bringing this socialist cesspool of a state ever closer to total and complete collapse, and I'm looking forward to watching it crumble and burn to the ground. Let's get this show on the fuckin' road. Does anyone really think that the total collapse of Mexifornia is a bad thing? Maybe the freeloaders in this state and those that coddle to them do, but I don't. The only way to fix it is to tear it all down, burn it to the ground and start over. I'm ready. Let's do this!

Commiefornia's gravy train has just added more cars, passengers and weight to an already overloaded line, so lets crank up the engine to maximum power and full speed ahead! Let's just sit back, smile, and enjoy the long and twisted ride as we go off the rails all the way down to the gates of hell.

All aboard...


I couldn't help myself. Something was bothering about the image, so I took the liberty of fixing it. 

Now I feel better...

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Most Dangerous Woman In The World.

This cunt is every freedom loving American's arch nemesis. Fuck her and the cooncracker she rode in on. As for me and my family we will serve the United States Constitution! Bring it on you Iranian born fur trader.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Permission Slips Instead Of Rights

Been meaning to post a link to this for over a week but kept forgetting.  It's another short and well written piece from here that made me think about just how far we have strayed as a country from what the Founding Fathers must have envisioned when drafting the Bill of Rights and Constitution. We sure let them down didn't we? Fuck.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1.4 Billion

That is how much WE paid to take care of the cooncracker and his family last year. 1.4 BILLION fucking dollars!  Four more years of this asshole at that average means WE will PAY 4.8 (as pointed out by Devil) 5.6 Billion dollars on just taking care of his family. This shit is fucking out of control. I can't afford to take a vacation at all, and this cocksucker is jet setting all over the world on my dime. Words cannot describe how much I loathe this asshole.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Piers Morgan Is A Fool And It Shows.

Another Reason

Monday, December 3, 2012

Call Your Senators!

This shit gets voted on tomorrow!

If ratified, CRPD would become the law of the land under the U.S. Constitution’s Supremacy Clause, and would trump state laws, and could be used as precedent by state and federal judges. Since it is a treaty, the Constitution requires that it must be ratified by two-thirds of the United States Senate.
There are two very troubling provisions in this treaty. The first spreads the identical standard for the control of children with disabilities as is contained in the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. This means that the Federal government, acting under U.N. directions, can determine for all children with disabilities what is best for them. The second, the education provision of CRPD does not support the parental rights rules of past U.N. human rights treaties. Omission of these rules would potentially eradicate parental rights for the education of children with disabilities.

You can't spell eugenics without UN.

Camping Necessities - A First Night Must

As any responsible camper will tell you, this is one of those items that should be near the top of your checklist before embarking on any camping trip, and should never be left by the wayside or ignored in any capacity. Proper application of this necessity will yield satisfying results for the entire group from the beginner or novice camper to the expert camper in your particular group. Also makes a great addition to any First Aid Kid.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Look at The Time.

It is Beer:45!