Friday, January 4, 2013



Fukitol said...

Valid point, CD. Tho, that gives the Left the registration argument.

Frankly, I've never been a creature of patience for stupidity, so let's get this shit over with once, and for all. Enough of the incrementalist Left game that was used with Hillarycare.

A straight up down vote on repealing 2A. What elected official has the balls for it?

After that, I move to eliminate all 20,000 violations of 2A.

CharlieDelta said...

I agree completely - let's get this shit over with once and for all. Been saying it for years. No more fucking around! I'm tired of the fucking games, the smoke and mirrors, and all the cutesy bullshit.

Too many forget or are just too stupid to know that The Constitution is the law of the land in our Republic, and every last one of these motherfuckers in DC who dishonors their oath to THE Constitution should be charged with treason and their sentences carried out accordingly and immediately. I mean now. They pissed away their due process a long time ago.

There is no fucking middle ground on 2A like the rest of the Constitution that they've exploited and violated over time with little resistance. None. Americans will not stand for it. This is the big one and the tyrants in DeCeit know it because they've been preparing for it. Americans have too. Gun stores all across this country are selling their shelves clean and their has been a steady increase in recorded firearm sales since at least 2009. I know people that started buying in 2001 after 9-11 who I thought would never buy a gun.

In Kommiefornia, over 650,000 firearms were sold in the month of December alone. The socialist, liberal mecca Kommiefornia, in case you missed that part. I went to buy a buddy of mine a holster today for his birthday and the shop by my house was all picked over. The manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand. They’re claiming holster orders will take a month minimum to fill. Fucking holsters! Can you imagine what’s going on all across the country right now with firearm sales? It’s a beautiful thing!

The question though, is who is going to have the balls to draw the line in the sand? Feinstein has balls, but how many in Congress are really stupid enough to believe that Americans are going to let it stand? This will not stand.

The tree of Liberty has gone without watering for over two fucking centuries. It's dormant and withered and it desperately needs to bear fruit to sustain.

It needs watering, and I'd say it's overdue...