Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Buying "Green" To Save Money Doesn't Pay. You Do, Mr. Luu.

If you've been reading my drunken drivel for any significant period of time over the last few years, you probably already know how I feel about the Toyota Prius, the Ford Fusion and every other piece of shit hybrid weenie-mobile out there. Your probably also know how I feel about the pretentious, ignorant, and rude assholes that drive hybrids, so I'll spare you the vulgarity and expletive-filled rant about the hypocrisy of eco-tards and their “going green” bullshit. I can’t describe the amount of hate and disgust I feel whenever I see these granola-munching, self-righteous, left-wing fucktards behind the wheel of a Prius holding up traffic with their holier-than-thou attitudes and sub-par driving skills.

All I can say is that the only time I want to see these fucking people or their shitty cars on the road is after they’ve been rammed into the k-rail by a huge gas-guzzling SUV with 35” tires.  Hell, I would even pay to see something like that.

Needless to say, when I came across this article the other day I couldn't help but laugh.    
It's Less Easy Being 'Green' as Los Angeles Yanks Plug on Free Parking for Electric Cars.
Free parking for electric cars? Why? What liberal asshole came up with that bullshit idea? Why in the hell were these assholes getting free parking in the first place? Because they were suckers and bought the whole bullshit sales pitch about electric cars? They're still using the public roads like everyone else. If anything they should be paying more because airports are bad enough without having to deal with assholes in hybrids.

This is the part that made me laugh though. 
Airport Nixes Mad Scramble for Coveted Spots; Frequent Fliers Now Regret 'Expensive, Underpowered' Rides.
LMAO! Boo-fuckin-hoo! Cry me a river for the retards the blew money on a fucking overpriced and ugly little toy car so they could act and feel like they're somehow superior and more deserving of a free parking spot at the fucking airport for some reason. I love it when liberals get burned, but I love it even more when they burn themselves like this.
On a recent morning, Jack Luu parked his plug-in Toyota Prius in one of the most expensive lots at Los Angeles International Airport before flying off to a film shoot in Canada. The lot, where Mr. Luu leaves his car as many as 10 times a month for business trips, normally charges $30 a day.
But when Mr. Luu returned home three weeks later, he drove out, as usual, without paying a dime.
"That was a huge reason why I bought the car in the first place," says the 35-year-old Santa Monica, Calif., postproduction company executive, whose car qualifies for free parking for up to a month at a time in two of LAX's most convenient—and costly—short-term lots.
Here's a newsflash for ya Mr. Luu; Kalifornia is on the verge of total collapse. It's broke. It's not going to get any better anytime soon. In fact, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Look for more charges for everything. Look for more bullshit speeding tickets (maybe not for you hybrid-driving pussies), more parking tickets, more fines, steeper fines and all around more charges for just about everything you can possibly think of.

You shouldn't have been getting free parking in the first place Jack, so consider all the times that you did a bonus. Sorry you lost your bullshit free parking, but maybe you should realize that the government only did what they always do - bait and switch, lie, cheat and steal. Trusting them is nobody's fault but your own. Remember the sting.

Better yet, sell that piece of shit Prius and buy a real fucking car!


Anonymous said...

To funny! But hey! I got a fusion! I don't have the hybrid piece o shit though. And I make up for the carbon shortfall with a f150 v8 bitch.. Oh you need a write up on al gore selling his tv station to oil barons. That's fucked up!

CenTexTim said...

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Fucking spammers...

And fuck Luu and the prius he rode in on.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding, as always.

kerrcarto said...

I fixed the fucking spammers.

The only thing worse than a prius is a prius driver.

kerrcarto said...

Doesn't the gasoline tax pay for the roads? If so. GET YOUR FUCKING PRIUS OFF THE ROAD!! You didn't build that.

Anonymous said...

Hmm so what does that make me, I have owned many gas guzzlers such as Z-28 camaro's, mustang's, Z-71 4x4 trucks, 2 RX-7's, 280zx, and a entire host of turbo cars. Now I would love to own either a hybrid or even a full electric. Did you know that there are many full electric cars at the drag strip flat ass blowing away many of the "hotrods" that the gearheads hold so dear?? I personally have seen a 72 Datsun electric flat out blow the doors off a 426 hemi musicale car??? The point is take the time to learn about some of these alternative energy vehicles you might be surprised to find that you like them better. This is in fact became my very case. I have rid myself of the last of my gas guzzlers a 2000 explorer eddie bauer all wheel drive. I find the newer hybrid and full electric cars more fun to drive. So in short not all of those hybrid and full electric owners are far left wing nut jobs, rather normal people that enjoy advancement of technology and can enjoy any vehicle regardless of propulsion system. Hell if I where to by a only gas car again it very well could be the smart for-two a car that is fun to drive, quick, maneuverable and I dont have to take a loan out to fill the tank. So if driving a moronically oversized out of date shit box SUV with homo sized 35 inch tires gives you jolly's because you are lacking in some other aspect of your pathetic little life then knock yourself out just dont come crying to me when your SUV is parked in the front yard because gas is now $10 a gallon and it takes $210 to fill the tank. Ill smile and wave as I pass by enjoying my little car that can run 100 miles on a gallon. At any rate happy motoring and for goodness sake please use these damn turn signals nothing makes you look even more retarded then jumping across 4 lanes of traffic in your SUV to hit the off ramp!!

CharlieDelta said...

No Anon-
I do just fine in those aspects of my life and I drive a truck, not an SUV and I have 31" Goodyear A/T tires that make less noise than those stupid electric motors do.

I don't have a problem with technology and even cleaner burning vehicles, but until they pull one out of their asses that's comparable in horsepower and torque to a V8, or even my Toyota V6 you won't find me in one. I need the power on demand and I haul a lot of shit as well as camp and off-road in my truck, so the "fun to drive" part doesn't really do anything for me, but to each his own.

However, I will say that anyone driving around one of those little so-called "smart cars" are some of the dumbest motherfuckers on the road. They might not all drive their "smart cars" like assholes, but I've never seen a bigger contradiction of terms. How smart is it to surround yourself by reinforced steel-framed cars, trucks, SUVs and tractor-trailers with tons on 4 wheels doing 70 mph when you're in a little toy car for midgets with barely more than a fucking beer can chassis for protection? I shit a brick when I first saw one of those on the road. Why even wear a seatbelt? Crashing in one of those at any speed has got to be deadly. I bet a collision with a moped would have the insurance adjuster "totaling" the car. Anyone buying a "smart car" for their high school kid or their kid's first car should be run over repeatedly by a convoy of "smart cars" until they have a little cut or some bruised skin.

Oh, and I have to disagree with your last sentence too:

What makes you look more retarded than the SUV jumping across 4 lanes of traffic is the high and mighty asshole in the hybrid or electric car with the "Impeach Bush" and/or "Coexist" and/or "War IS Terrorism" sticker(s) doing 55 mph in the fast lane, clogging up the flow of traffic and causing the SUV to cut across 4 lanes of traffic just to get around his dumb ass, all the while wondering why he's getting flipped off as people have to pass him on the right while he's in that car that's "fun to drive" and goes "a hundred miles per gallon"...

Anonymous said...

Wow. The only good thing about Americans like you is that America is basically an island without any land connection to Europe, so we're save from people like you. It's so hard to imagine that the US used to be the No. 1 economical force in the world, given that its people have the mindset of darkest medieval times.

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah, you're right. That is definitely a good thing. We already have enough euro-peein' pacifist little faggots over here stinking up the place, the last thing we need would be another Europussy like you. Go fuck yourself Europussy!

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