Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Official! The AR-15 Is A Personal Defense Weapon

Busted! The fucking hypocrites and tyrants in DC have been busted again. How will they try and explain this away?
DHS buys 7000 full-auto assault rifles, calls them 'personal defense weapons'
Wait. What was that? DHS is confirming that the full-auto M4/M-16 rifles they are requesting are 'personal defense weapons' when they keep trying to peddle the bullshit lie that no one needs an AR-15 (a semi-automatic version of what the DHS needs) for their 'personal defense weapons?' How can that be when the catch line continuously being peddled by the tyrants in DC to the media puppets on the boob tube is that "no civilian needs an AR-15 for personal protection." Wouldn't that be a direct contradiction of what President ZerO and his goons keep repeating to the citizenry peasants?
(NaturalNews) In yet another huge blow to the rhetoric and narrative of the Obama administration and its desire to disarm the American public, a DHS bid has been uncovered (see documents below) showing that the Department of Homeland Security recently put out an offer to purchase 7,000 full-auto "assault weapons" to be used domestically, inside the USA.
Inside the USA; not on the border with out of control Mexico, at various unConstitutional checkpoints in various cities in your home state, perhaps? Like in mine?

But wait.......there's more...
The juiciest part of this bid is the use of the phrase "Personal Defense Weapons" to describe the full-auto AR-15s being purchased by DHS. 
Apparently, when YOU hold an AR-15, it's an "assault rifle." But magically, if you hand that same rifle to an armed government homeland security enforcer, it instantly transforms itself into a "personal defense weapon."
The request for bid actually says:
DHS and its components have a requirement for a 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and / or when maximum concealment is required.
So there it is, right in black and white: DHS enforcers need full-auto AR-15s which are "suitable for personal defense in close quarters" and for "maximum concealment."
But if you or I make the same claim, suddenly we are branded lunatics by the fringe left and all the gun grabbers across America who apparently have no clue that their own government is arming up like never before.
Click here for the PDF document containing the following text:
The action shall be select-fire (capable of semi-automatic and automatic fire).
The action shall be capable of accepting all standard NATO STANAG 20 and 30 round M16 magazines (NSN 1005-00-921-5004) and Magpul 30 round PMAG (NSN 1005-01-576-5159). The magazine shall have a capacity to hold thirty (30) 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.
The fire control selector shall have three positions; safe, semi-automatic, and automatic.
This government document openly admits that AR-15s with 30-round magazines and capable of fully automatic fire are "suitable for personal defense" in close quarters (i.e. your home).
In summary, it looks like we actually need to thank the DHS for admitting the truth that Obama won't: AR-15s are personal defense weapons, suitable for use in close quarters, especially when equipped with 30-round magazines.
That's why I own one, and it's why DHS wants thousands more (but theirs are full-auto, while mine is only semi-auto).
As a general rule, all freedom-loving Americans should want the same firepower their domestic government possesses. That's the whole point behind the Second Amendment, and it represents the distribution of power in a free society.
But instead of firepower being equal in America today, DHS is using our taxpayer dollars to purchase thousands of full-auto weapons for their own agents. This is apparently being done under ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).
This brings up the question for another entire article, and here's the question: Why does immigration need 7,000 full-auto assault rifles? Is there a friggin' Mexican invasion planned that nobody told me about? Is ICE going to invade Mexico and start a shooting war with the Mexican drug cartels?
Although they didn't intend to, DHS has openly admitted in their bid that the AR-15 is the personal defense weapon of choice for Homeland Security, so there's no logical explanation why any such rifle or 30 round standard capacity magazine should be on any banned list or deemed illegal for ownership by law-abiding American citizens. Period.

Read the entire article from Natural and then share it with as many as you can.  This is the antithesis that defines the tyrants in DC who want to disarm the civilian populace by any means necessary, and the reason lie they keep repeating over and over and over and over is for "public safety" and "saving the children."


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Anonymous said...

I prefer three round burst,full auto would use up too much of my ammo and now that is getting hard to find

kerrcarto said...

Their bounds of hypocrisy knows no end.

Devil Tongue said...

Kerrcarto, it's not hypocrisy when the government does it, that would be called, TYRANNY!

CharlieDelta said...

Amen Devil Tongue, and there's a lot of it going on in this country...

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Maybe I don't really want an answer to this question but - just how fucking stupid do the feds think we are?

I guess because Berry Omama was re-elected they think ALL Americans are fucking idiots.

If I hadn't stopped pulling corks three years ago, reading this crap the government keeps pulling would drive me to drink.

TomR armed in Texas said...

I lurves my personal defense weapons. All of them.

Dept Education also loaded up with 12ga. riot guns and handgun ammo. WTF does that have to do with educating our kids?

Tyranny, Yes!

The 2nd Amendment is for we citizens, not frigg'n govt. wogs.

Rayvet said...

The thought of so many of these "non defense" department types getting these firearms and ammo is somewhat entertaining. I can not imagine the type of person that works for these groups, who they will give a weapon to. I think that they'll likely be some liberal inner city or suburb living wussy that wouldn't know which end of the barrel the projectile will come from. All I have to say is "bring it". Come to my home territory and see what we will allow you to get away with. These libs are nothing but a bunch of tough talking metrosexuals that wouldn't stand a chance if they step into rural America. I can smell the civil war in the air. Can you?