Monday, February 11, 2013

Globull Warming. IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!!

These people are fucking morons. Bill Nye The Science Guy my fucking eye! The dude is just a broke ex-kids show host that now shills his bullshit to the only dumbfucks stupid enough believe it.

Good lord these people make my brain hurt.


Anonymous said...

MSM journalists are most certainly the MOST STUPID people on the planet. How the hell can Earth's climate remotely affect the orbital mechanics of comets, asteroids, or the intellectual fluctuation of Obama voters ?? These people are totally lost Luddites. There MUST be an IQ test required before people are allowed to vote!

Anonymous said...

Yes.. The asteroid that has been drifting in a long lazy orbit for millions of years was caused by global warming.
I'm sure the blizzard was also even though we have had blizzards for centuries.. Stupid fucks!!!

CharlieDelta said...

Bill Nye and the rest of the AGW sideshow freaks should be thrown in a rubber room to live out their pathetic 'sky is falling' lives. You could put pictures on the walls of the Pope Al Bore so these retards can still worship him, and since 'climate change' is such a bother to them, just keep the thermostat at a steady ZERO degrees F.

Everybody wins!

Anonymous said...

that should be Iman Al-Gore