Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I See You Haji

As if the DMV hasn't already proven itself to be the perfect model of government inefficiency and waste of taxpayer money, the residents of Chesapeake, VA have a solid argument to proceed with abolishing their DMV entirely; effective immediately. Apparently, the Chesapeake DMV revokes personalized license plates of Iraq war veterans if other people find the plates to be.................offensive. Yes once again some ethnic group (again it's the ragheads) is offended by something and rather than citing the 1st Amendment to our Constitution and telling them to go fuck themselves, the Chesapeake DMV has taken it upon themselves to try and appease some "offended" stinkbeards and violate a combat veteran's Constitutional rights in the process.
An Iraq war veteran's quest to recover personalized license plates that some Arab Americans found offensive is not over.
First of all, I would remind the DMV and these smelly, rude and "offended" camel jockeys that not being offended is not a right of any kind protected under the United States Constitution and they can go fuck themselves. Just having to smell the arab stench or hear that sandnigger lingo offends the hell out of me, so can I revoke their citizenship and have them deported because of it? Only in a perfect world I guess. 

Then I would point out to these dune coons that this combat veteran's right to free speech is protected under the Constitution that he has defended, and if they don't like it they can take their third world culture, 7th century mindset, baby-factory wives, their fugly and rude little bastard dune coon children, all their welfare-afforded and stolen shit and go back to their dung beetle infested mud huts in the sandbox. As a matter of fact they should be doing that anyways. 
After a judge ruled in November that the Department of Motor Vehicles couldn't deny a tag on the grounds that it denigrated individuals of a particular nationality, the state has come up with a new reason to revoke Sean Bujno's ICUHAJI plate.
Finally a judge with some balls! It's not often that a judge has the grapes to stand up for common sense instead of crumbling under the pressure from the PC patrol and these fuckin' rug pilots that are constantly demanding one thing or another.  
In a letter from the DMV to Bujno, the agency said the tag -- it can be read, "I see you, haji" -- condones or encourages violence and is obscene or otherwise vulgar in nature.
First of all, bullshit; no it doesn't. "I see you haji" is pretty self-explanatory as I see it. One person sees haji. What's violent or obscene or vulgar about that? Realistically, it's the pube-faces who have proven themselves over and over again to condone and encourage violence. Diaper-heads themselves are obscene and otherwise vulgar in nature. Let's revoke them and ship 'em all back to their homeland or better yet, let's ship 'em to France. The surrender monkeys love fig gobblers and car bombers, and they owe us anyways.
"That couldn't be further from the truth," said Andrew Meyer, Bujno's attorney. "He really means it respectfully."
Meyer said Tuesday that he plans to bring the matter back before Circuit Judge John W. Brown to argue the DMV is again violating his client's free-speech rights. A hearing is set for March 13.
Hey, that's my birthday. The only thing I want that day is for the Chesapeake DMV and the jig-abduls  to lose and to lose big! That would be the best birthday present I've ever had, but those of you who know me can still send beer and ammo which would be equally cool.
Bujno, an Army sergeant who was honorably discharged in 2009, displayed the plates on his car for more than four years before the DMV revoked them. In a Nov. 3, 2011, letter, DMV Commissioner Richard Holcomb said the tags violated a prohibition on letter combinations that could reasonably be interpreted as being "socially, racially, or ethically offensive or disparaging." He noted a bumper sticker on Bujno's car. It read: "God Bless Our Troops, Especially Our Snipers."
DMV Commissioner Richard Holcomb is an asshole. I'd be willing to bet this motherfucker is a card-carrying member of the PC Police thus making Commissioner Holecomb part of the fucking problem. I'd also be willing to bet Holecomb voted for the communist asshole currently residing in the White House trying to destroy this country. Fuck you Richard Holcomb!
In November, Brown ruled the DMV's prohibition regarding "ethnically offensive" letter combinations was unconstitutional. He said the state can't prevent people from denigrating a religion or ethnicity if people are allowed to praise those faiths and nationalities.
Brown ordered the DMV to either return the license plates or find a permissible reason to keep the tags from the Chesapeake resident. The judge added that the DMV was not allowed to consider the wording of Bujno's bumper sticker if the agency decided to reconsider the revocation.
Circuit Judge John Brown (not to be confused with Clown "Judge" Joe Brown) is a badass who should be praised for his common sense and logical decision. We need more judges like this man who are capable of rational thought and have the balls to stand up to the politically correct bullshit that's being forced down our throats daily by the left. Political correctness does nothing but create some crazy and false notion in someone's head that the world should actually care when you're "offended" or when your feelings get hurt. Boo fuckin' hoo! Tell your psycho therapist or someone else who gives a shit. I certainly don't.

But that's not all it does; worse than that political correctness creates a nation full of metro-sexual "men" who are anything but men, and thin-skinned pussies who are afraid of their own shadows and afraid to stand up for what is right and just. If I wanted to live in a country like that I'd move to the white flag capital of Europe and hang out with the soap dodgers.

Stole the license plate image from One Old Vet.  


Titan Mk6B said...

Hmmmm, I just figured the reference was to the old Johnny Quest cartoon.

Seems possible to me.

I knew some folks with a dog named that once. Half coyote and half shepard and fuckin' scary smart.

CenTexTim said...

How about "F.O. Haji"

Fukitol said...

kerrcarto said...


Damnit, we are only allowed seven characters

Fukitol said...

Y'all down there in Texas, might wanna do something 'bout that shit before it gets too far outta hand.

Anonymous said...

Man have I learned some new and colorful names for the sand crawlers.

CharlieDelta said...

Anytime Terry. That's one of our specialties...

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