Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Local News Interview Like You've Never Seen

My buddy Jeff just emailed this to me and it was too good not to post. Apparently this homeless guy saved the day for a few folks in Fresno with his trusty hatchet that he carries with him, and now he's Fresno's one-and-only Homeless Hitchhiking Hatchet Hero

If you need some translation like I did, go to the link and there's a few lines spelled out.

Only in Commiefornia: 

I hope the dude from Fox Fresno realizes that this interview will be the highlight of his pathetic career as a local news douchebag. It would be nice if more interviews and news stories were this entertaining. Sure beats the regular garbage that gets pumped out and spoon fed to the masses...


Mark@Bismarck said...

Just what version of slang/english was that individual speaking? He's calling the perp crazy?

Rayvet said...

If people like this are now our heroes, we are in sadder shape than I thought. "As far as anyone I knew when I grew up dude, I'm dead". That was the most telling statement he made in closing. Good for what he did, not so good for what this society is now putting out that are being considered heroes.

Fukitol said...

So, the Feral Children of Tomorrow-morrow Land have found their Captain Walker.

I truly mourn for this nation I grew up in that is completely unrecognizable to me anymore.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, he did say he was from West Virginia.
-Steve_in_(sorry to be from)_CA