Friday, February 8, 2013

Not Once, But Twice...

In Manhunt Frenzy, LA Cops Shoot 2 by Mistake

Police in LA are on high alert as they hunt for a man accused of killing an officer, wounding two others, and vowing to wage "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" on the LAPD. Here's how high the alert: Officers opened fire in two separate incidents on trucks matching the description of the suspect's vehicle, reports the LA Times. They were wrong on both counts, however, and two of the occupants are in the hospital with unspecified injuries.
Ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner is also suspected in a double homicide over the weekend, and police say he wrote a rambling manifesto in which he promised to hunt down police officers, reports the AP. "We're asking our officers to be extraordinarily cautious just as we're asking the public to be extraordinarily cautious with this guy," says a police official. "He's already demonstrated he has a propensity for shooting innocent people." 

Apparently so do these prick cops with the LAPD. See, this is why I'm tired of all the blind support for cops by the average schmuck. They're given a pass for incompetent shit like this all the time. Why weren't the cops who fired their weapons on innocent people arrested? Thrown in jail? Two people are in the hospital as a direct result of trigger happy LEOs and I bet the assholes are still working the job, still carrying firearms on the job, and nothing more will ever come of this. Maybe a lawsuit. 

I would sue the fuck out of the LAPD, but not for money. Sure they would be paying for all the hospital visits and follow up if there was any, but I want these LEOs fired. No exceptions. I want them fired and jailed for assault, attempted murder, whatever. After sentencing is carried out and served I want them to never be able to carry a gun in any law enforcement capacity ever again, but they'll probably end up getting promotions for this with the help of their police union. 



kerrcarto said...

The government is never held to account. That would make the authority wrong, and the authority can NEVER be wrong.

Fukitol said...

Yup. There are some folk that are good, and are cops, but in the times we now live under the Laws we have, there are no good cops.

angrymike said...

This guy has had a FB page put up with 3000 likes, as feinstein and boxer tell the pubic to lay down their arms, so this nut case can turn himself in safely, ppl really are out of their freakin minds...........*shaking head*