Monday, February 25, 2013

Police Chief Asshole - Emeryville, CA's Finest...

Apparently having even just a little common sense or intelligence is not a requirement for climbing the police department's ladder and ultimately wearing the 'prestigious' title of Police Chief. At least not in Emeryville, Commiefornia it isn't as Police Chief Ken James Asshole demonstrates for us in the below video at his little press conference earlier this month.  

What dream-world does this asshole live in? A gun is not a defensive weapon? Really? So the only reason his officers carry guns is for "intimidation and showing power?" Wow! Well, at least he's up front about his stupidity and honest about training his underlings the thug-cop mentality. Where's Sgt. Stedenko when you need him?

This motherfucker should be run out of town on a rail never allowed the authority to write so much as a fucking parking ticket ever again; in this world or any other world this asshole lives in.

UPDATE: Unless you happen to like incompetence, injustice, and the thug cop mentality you can sign the petition to have Police Chief Asshole fired. I just did.

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Paul J said...

Typical suck ass administrator/politician!