Saturday, February 9, 2013

(Some Of) Commiefornia's Tyrants On Parade...

Let me first just say this video is long. Very long. Painfully long. Don't worry though, I don't expect you to sit through it in it's entirety; especially not anyone who doesn't live in this God forsaken shit state. I suffered through the excruciating 21 minutes of this so you folks wouldn't have to. I was going to take notes and mark the important times on the counter so you could just skip right to it, but after about the first 30 seconds I was seeing nothing but red, so the best I can do is say that the meat of the Suckramento lies is from the start of the video up to around 6 minutes in. Then it's more lies and bullshit from the L.A. Mayor, followed by more lies and bullshit from some of the other tyrants up there on the stage. Then around the 18:00 mark they start taking questions and then they answer with more lies, emotional rhetoric, and outright bullshit all the way to the end.

Forgive me if my noted times are a little off. I'm not saying that they are, I'm just saying that they might be. I'm working off of memory here and my memory isn't what it used to be, but I'm pretty sure they're close enough for you to hear all you need to hear.

I'm not sure how many readers we have that actually live in this fucked up liberal cess pool, but if you're a firearms owner in the shit brown state of Commiefornia you might want to take note of the additional tyranny that will be going down immediately if these treasonous motherfuckers in Suckramento get their way. They're so drunk with power that they're coming right out and practically bragging about how little our Constitutional rights mean to them. They don't give a fuck about the Constitution or anyone's rights and they're just coming right out and saying it. Treasonous bastards all of them!

Saw the video here.

Fuck you Senator Steinberg, you weasely little cocksucker. Don't try and tell me you .."respect the Second Amendment.." when everything you fucking touted in this little press conference of lies shows that you have nothing but disrespect for the 2nd Amendment or any other Constitutional right. You and all the rest of the career liars can go fuck yourselves!


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I have stole the finger for the top of my blog, if you made it awesome, thanks for posting...........

CharlieDelta said...

No, I wish I could take credit for it but it was emailed to me with the link to the video in this post.

Feel free to "steal" anything from here at any time. Cheers!

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