Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Really Do Love My Wife

I stole this from a commenter over at GOC and to tell you the truth I am to shitfaced to remember who it is.

The one thing I take umbrance with whoever made this is, he states that an AR is better for home defense than a shotgun. I give him the fact that a shotgun has a bigger blast pattern than an AR, when some doucheass is holding your wife in the choker hold. But a shotgun will do the job through the front door, if the need arises.

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Anonymous said...

Michael I think there is a better name for the VP but we could find plenty of synonyms for idiot all day. He clearly wanted to change up his wife's face. He got tired looking at the thing day in day out. I don't know much about whats going on in these gun control debates so thank you for adding some points to my campaign to help We The People protect our loved ones.

Russell W Lee
A New Face to Hate