Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Is How To Talk To Thug Cops

...If you've got a pair of brass balls and you know your nose is clean that is. My brother saw the video over at InformationLiberation and sent me a link. I'll tell you one thing, if more people stood up to the "Thin Blue Line" Jack Boot Thugs like this there would be a lot less Constitutional rights being violated every damn day. Here's a little background on Antonio Buehler from the IL website:
Antonio Buehler of the Peaceful Streets Project made headlines a year ago after he was harassed by police for photographing them violently arresting a woman. The cops arrested him and charged him with resisting arrest and "felony harassment on a public servant", a "crime" punishable by up to 10 years in prison, allegedly because he spit on an officer who was arresting him. A witness fortunately caught video of the event, and it showed the officer was the aggressor in the situation, additionally it didn't appear to show any spitting took place, a witness even came forward and said "at no point did he spit at the officer or make any sort of aggressive or inciting gesture towards [the officer]."
He's also a veteran. The video starts getting really good around the 5:00 mark. 

Somebody needs to buy this man a few beers...


JeremyR said...

The mandatory minimum punishment for any public servant who steps out of line like that goon did should be castration.
Oh, you want chemical castration? Some one mix up a batch of tanerite.

Gregory said...

I am building up a dislike for law enforcement people too. They are far more interested in their own safety than they are in protecting the public. Good job posting this video.