Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2A REVOLT Is Open For Business

Well after about two months of jumping through all the fuckin' hoops with the county and State, and spending the countless hours and the money trying to get the site built, copyrighting the logo, finding a reasonably priced screen printer who actually would make the shirt, integrating the shoping cart with PayPal with my site, getting a secure server, setting up shipping with USPS, shutting down some motherfuckers at some lame online t-shirt store in Michigan with legalities regarding my copyrighted logo, and then doing the same to some faggot on ebay who was trying to sell cheap ripoff's of my logo on some shitty shirt with shitty graphics, after all the ridiculous bullshit I've put up with in the last couple months, the 2A REVOLT store is finally up and running and open for business.

There are still a few bugs I need to work out with the website's and store's appearance, and I need to determine a shipping method that is consistent, easy and convenient for me to use, and at the same time reasonably priced for the customer buying REVOLTwear and paying for the shipping, but other than that I think I am done with the technical bullshit for the most part. Now I just need to move some merchandise so I can maybe make some cash on this little venture or at least break even. I never knew how much bullshit was involved with setting up an online store or I never would've even attempted it, but after seeing the low-budget piece of shit shirts that Zazzle pawns off as "quality" I couldn't continue letting them make money on my design by ripping people off with a shit-quality final product like that. I feel bad for those of you who bought a shirt from those Zassholes so I'd like to make it up to you personally. If you bought a shirt with my design on it from Zazzle, I'd like to give you a 2-for-1 deal if you buy a shirt or cap from my 2A REVOLT online store. I know it's not much, but it's all I can offer right now. I'll throw a few decals in with the shipment too, but I'm in the hole pretty deep financially until I start moving some product so I really can't go apeshit with free-be's.

Actually, Zazzle gave me a list of names of the folks who bought their shirts with my design on it, and the only person besides my friends and family locally on that list was hiswiserangel and some dude from Washington State named Mark. Not even my own blog brothers bought a fuckin' shirt. Cheap bastards! I'll remember that fuckers. I already told hiswiserangel that I would make it up to her once my online store was open and I had some shirts to offer, and that day has arrived. So lemme know what size and color you want darlin' and I'll get it in the mail to you right away along with a handful of decals. It's the least I can do...


Anonymous said...

$27 for a hat? I love you , but you've got to be fcking high!

CharlieDelta said...

I would love to get high, but my employer's insurance company kinda frowns upon it.

It's not just a cap, it's a FlexFit cap and it's embroidered. Sure, I could find some piece of shit John Deere trucker hat for $5.00, but nothing I sell is shitty quality and nothing I sell will be shitty quality. I paid more for a better product so of course I have to charge more than your average Cafe Press-type junk store.

Look around for someone selling FlexFit embroidered caps for less that have the bitchen detail that these caps have. If you find one send me the link because I wanna know where they're getting theirs done.

If you do find one similar for less I would say they are the ones who are high or they are trying to lose money, because I'm only making $2.50 per cap at this price. Maybe I'm getting ripped off? Not sure. It's hardly worth my effort to even offer them to be honest, but one of my buddies talked me into it. Maybe I'll just make him buy all of them...

However I sincerely appreciate the feedback. The only way I'm going to know something is fucked up is by people telling me, so thanks.

Rayvet said...

Don't let the cheap skate comments bother you. 1) you get what you pay for 2) your are making a statement 3) I'd love to see you make some money with this stuff so you can move your ass out of Mexifornia to a more gun friendly state like Texas or here in Georgia. Just ordered a shirt so get that mother fucker in the mail to me so I can wear it to our local mall. We have a huge outlet mall out here in God's country and all the libs/dims/socialists and "obama's sone types" come up here to shop, I mean loot, the place. I love wearing shit like that to this mall and watch the looks on these dip shits faces. This is MY county/city/area and these mother fuckers are lucky we "allow" them to come and shop, I mean loot, with no repercussions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response. I wasn't aware of your costs. Bring your shirts up to 25 and drop the hats to 25. Or as Rayvet suggested, tell me to pound sand in my ass and run your business as you see fit!;)

BG said...

Waiting on my T Shirt as well. Pricey but worth it. Some might see it as controversial, I see it as common sense.

CharlieDelta said...

Thanks. My dad used to always say that it was important to learn to take constuctive critism at face value and learn from it. I hated when he would always say that shit when I was growing up, but it's true and I know it nowdays. Trying to run a competetive business (or any business) is totally new to me, so I welcome any and all critism whether it be constructive or not. I just want to make it affordable for people to wear a shirt that makes a loud statement and pisses off the bed-wetting left at the same time.

Getting rich off of this would be a bonus, but it's not what I planned for or even expect to happen. Like I said, I would be happy to break even. I just want gun owners stay pissed off and vigilant and solid in our fight with the gun-grabbing, hypocritical, traitors in DC on both sides of the aisle. They're not gonna stop until they disarm all of us, or until all of us stand up and revolt against them. Gun owners have already "compromised" away too many of our 2nd Amendment rights. We need to get momentum to start taking them back, whatever the price.

When your order comes through I'll get it boxed right up and in the mail to you Ray. As of right now though I'm not showing any orders from you or anyone else in Georgia.

No big deal. I wasn't offended by your comment and I'm not going to tell you to pound sand either. The only way to improve my pricing that's conducive to me and to the customer is to hear feedback directly from the customer. What I really need to do is find better shipping rates and then adjust pricing accordingly. I don't want to rip people off but at the same time I don't want to lose money either. It's a balancing act I still need to figure out but I'm working on it. Thanks again for your input.

I saw your order when I got home from work last night, processed it and it went out in today's mail. You should have it by Friday according to USPS. Thanks for your order, man. I appreciate it. I threw in some extras because the shipping adder is a few bucks higher than it should be. I'm getting that fixed tonight if it keeps me up all night. Like I said, I don't want to screw anyone on their purchase, but especially not the folks like you who are on the right side of the fight for the 2nd Amendment. Thanks again for your order.

kerrcarto said...

Fine, I will buy one (next week). Ya fuckin crybaby.

BG said...

Thanks CD. I'll wear it next time I see Kerrcarto. Shipping was steep. I wondered about that.

KC - was it me or CD that guilted you into buying one? hahahaha

BG said...

Got my shirt and freebie decals today. Man that was fast. Nice Hanes quality T Shirt.
Thanks CD!

CharlieDelta said...

Thank YOU BG!

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