Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Outa Control Cops

If this shit is happening in Temple, Texas, God help us.

Here is the story.

That man desreves an apology from the Chief of Police and the Mayor, his weapons returned to him all incidents of this expunged (Paul's favorite word) from the public record and those two 'public servants' need to be terminated immediatly.



CharlieDelta said...

I hope he sues their balls off and wins a nice settlement out of it.

What, did you think you were exempt from having cop-prick-thugs because you're in Texas? Nope. This kind of shit is off the charts with PD's all across the country and has been for far too long. This shit happens every fuckin' day. If he didn't have a camera rolling for the PD's disregard and violation of his rights we never would have even heard about it; it would be all his word against the cop-pricks' word in a court of law. Just another day on the "job" for these motherfuckres. Just another paycheck. It's wrong, and it's bullshit!

As far as those cop pricks getting fired goes, I wouldn't hold your breath. If they get anything it will be paid time off. The Police Union will make sure of that. And even if they were to get fired, they can go find a job with another department in another county or city and continue their thug-cop ways because there won't even be so much as a black mark on their fuckin' records...

kerrcarto said...

I have a feeling they will be fired and promptly move to Chicago.

Aleecia said...

What the hell? These 2 should be fired! And in front of his son!