Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now For Some Good News...

Here's some good news that should put a smile on your face on this Wednesday humpday.  Actually it's a feel good two-fer today, brought to you by the folks over at These are the kinds of stories that you will never see reported on by the LSM cocksuckers who have their lips permanently wrapped around Cooncracker's schlong. I like to promote stories about firearms being used by common, average citizens to stop crimes and in self-defense scenarios, but much more so when the perp is killed while committing his crime(s).

Ah yes, I raise my glass not once but twice - one for each of the crime victims in today's two-fer. The outcome of both stories could have been completely different had these two individuals not been armed themselves like the fucking gun-grabbers want. No, these two crime victims could've very well ended up on a cold slab at the morgue but they are smart enough to know the responsibility of self-defense ultimately lies at the feet of the individual citizen, not the fuckin thug with a badge.

First up is a story out of Flint, Michigan where an eighty year old man in his own driveway was confronted by five punk-ass kids who thought this old man would be an easy target for robbery. They thought wrong.
FLINT, MI — What happens when five young thugs attempt to rob an eighty year old man in his own driveway?
If the left had their gun-grabbing ways, this old man would've surely been robbed and possibly even beaten or killed during the robbery. In this case however, and in all sorts of other real life self-defense situations all across the country that the media puppets never report on, the firearm equalized an unequal confrontation. Well, actually in this particular case the firearm tipped the scales in the old-timer's favor and allowed what would have been a defenseless old man to actually defend himself.  
Does he end up in the hospital? Is he beaten to death? Does he “just” get robbed and become afraid to walk out of his own home?
Because this time...[...]...he had a gun. Instead of becoming just another statistic, he fired off two shots and they ran away.
Normally I would give the guy a bunch of shit for not hitting at least one of them, but I won't because he's eighty fuckin' years old. At least he didn't just roll over and be a victim like liberals tell people to do. Fuck no, this old man armed himself, stood his ground, and ran the fuckers off. For that my hats off to him.

Second up tonight is a story out of North Carolina where a homeowner got into a firefight with two armed criminals who broke into his house. This one has a much happier ending to it though. So much so that I'm still smiling about it.
In those communities where the government hasn’t squelched a homeowner’s right to bear arms, burglars take a big gamble when they decide to invade a house. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, two men lost that gamble when they died in a gunfight with a homeowner whose house they had invaded in the middle of the night.
I'll drink to that! I always love reading about criminals being shot dead during the commission of their crimes; especially when they're shot by an average law-abiding (and armed) American citizen. Once again, this isn't something you're going to hear from the media lap dogs on the nightly news any time soon. Liberals bury stories like this because it doesn't fit in with their narrative.
According to police reports, when the suspects tried to enter the Fayetteville home, the homeowner shot at them. After first exchanging gunfire with the homeowner, the men fled. Two of them were later discovered dying of their wounds[...].
If the left had their way, the only defense the homeowner would've had against these two armed criminals invading his house was a golf club or pair of scissors and a 911 operator on the other end of the phone telling him to lock the door to his bedroom and cower in the corner and pray that the cops show up before he and his family gets murdered in their own home. Fuck. That.
This is one of those cases that perfectly illustrates why it’s so important for Americans to fight for their right to bear arms.
I don't like how that sentence is written though.  It sounds like the author thinks home defense is the only reason to fight for the 2nd Amendment, which it's isn't. I think the sentence should read, "This is one of those cases that perfectly illustrates one of the many reasons it's so important for Americans to fight for thier right to bear arms."  Then again, I'm no authority on skillful writing as you can already tell by reading any number of my posts here at GGDF.

Bottom line: Two scumbag criminals were shot and killed by an armed homeowner during the commission of a home invasion and that is good news. Although they were able to flee the crime scene after taking a few bullets each from the homeowner's weapon, they weren't able to evade their meeting with the Grim Reaper, so they bled out in the streets; alone and scared, and the world is a better place because of it.

As the left continues to try and legislate away the 2nd Amendment and call it "outdated" or "insignificant" in the 21st century, just imagine what could've happened to that homeowner and his family that early morning if the left had their way and he wasn't armed. Think of all the crazy fucked up shit those two armed burglars could've done to that disarmed family in the middle of the night. Robbery, rape, murder are all possibilities.

Maybe the two shitbags would have "just" robbed them and left them unharmed? Maybe they would have done far worse? Who knows? Who cares? One thing I do know is that nobody has any type of right to take away someone else's rights to (or means of) self-defense.

Not the AR15, the AK47, the M1A or any other rifle for that matter. Not the 30 round, the 40 round, or even the 90 round drum magazines. Not even the fuckin' shoulder thing that goes up Carolyn McCunty you haggard old bitch. Nobody has that right- not the Brady Center and their Campaign of Lies, not communities, not neighborhoods, not talentless fat slobs who make shitty movies, not Hollywood hypocrites, not race baitors or poverty pimps, not ignorant and hysterical "news" anchors, not hypocritical elitist politicians, not even King Cooncracker himself or the grieving families he's exploited. Nobody.

While I'm on that topic, you wanna meet 16 Republicans who disagree completely with me on gun control? I've actually heard some of these traitors referred to as "conservatives" if you can believe that bullshit. No more RINO's! These shitbags need to go!

Image stolen from Dave Champion's Facebook page.


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Ahhhhhh, those stories warm the cockles of my heart.

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LMAO! That movie was great. One of my favorite parts has to be when he gets out of his truck to save the girl from those urban thugs and he asks 'em, "What are you spooks doing?"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The look on their faces is classic. What a great 1-liner to throw in there...

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