Monday, April 15, 2013

Religion of Peace in Boston

Looks like the Religion of Peace has struck again. We can thank the Dept of Homeland Security which has been pre-occupied with demonizing and closely watching so-called "right wing extremists" meanwhile the Religion of Peace straps bombs to Boston right under their noses. I can promise you the Obama and his goons dropped the ball on this just like they did Benghazi but we'll never know the truth because the media lives on their knees stuffing their mouths full of Democrat cock. My thoughts to all in Boston and a word of advice: WAKE THE FUCK UP!


kerrcarto said...

It's only a 10 hour drive from Dearbornistan to Boston.

CenTexTim said...

Here we go again. Watching the news, and the suits are saying "If you see something, say something."

More drones, more email intercepts, less privacy, fewer rights, etc. etc. etc.

We should send those damn ragheads back to where they came from and then nuke the damn sandbox.

Anonymous said...

Today, I'm reminded of the old saying - not all ragheads are terrorists but all terrorists are ragheads from Saudi "Arab"ia. Fuckem all, even the ones who can't drive.......

kerrcarto said...

In my opinion. Those were not 'bombs' those were incendiary devices. To much smoke and no major damage. The flags around the 'explosion' were not even burning. or singed for that matter. False flag event?

CenTexTim said...

IMO dead people + arms and legs blown off = major damage.

Call 'em what you want - bombs, incendiary devices, IEDs, whatever - but keep in mind that those things can be targeted at or below a specific height (see Claymores). Wouldn't even get close to touching the flags.

It's kind of early to speculate, but I think it was a genuine 'man made disaster.'

Rayvet said...

There's no way this could be the work of some stinking Mooselimbs. Now that "the won" is JOTUS (Joker of the Unites States), the world will love us. This could ONLY be the work of the dreaded bible clinging, gun loving American citizen don't you know./

kerrcarto said...
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kerrcarto said...

I wasn't trying to downplay the injuries and deaths. But, from the reporting I was hearing on the radio, you would have thought Boston was a crater. After watching the videos I came to the conclusion they were blowing the story out of proportion.

Like the guy that took the four fire fighters hostage last week. After the SHTF they were interviewing some one down the street and he claimed that a flash bang made his house shake.

Everything is hollywoodized.

At least our government is calling it terrorism this time and not a marathon place bombing.

John said...


The "false flag" theory actually came up during the "presser"--one of the 'journalists' there asked it. The answer was "No, next question." He didn't get a chance to ask another question after that.

Anonymous said...

of course not, nobody in authority wants to touch the false flag question - they are either part of it or shielded from it.

is it coincidence that FEMA was doing a terror training in boston on marathon day that happened to be about...BOMBING?

just like is it coincidence that FEMA was doing a terror training in newtown the day sandy hook happened...anyone wanna guess what the training was that day? MASS SHOOTING.

and just for extra sauce, that AR-15 was invented right out of thin air there - and someone even tried saying that the brothers were shooting at the cops with an AR here too, only it didnt fit well enough and the media didnt run with it like they did after newtown.

look at all the legislative crap and other phenomena behind the scenes - this was a set up.

the american people are being set up by fascist elements that control the core of the federal government.

flase flags o plenty, from the titanic (think creation of fed res) to the letting of pearl harbor happen to justify WWII, some similar shenanigans ushered us into WW1...this is all excuses for the controlling factions to exert more power over people.

question everything - its a trap!