Friday, May 3, 2013

DHS Training Video Depicts Gun Owners as Terrorists

The scapegoating of white, male conservatives continues - at a government agency near you...

A mock news report produced by the Department of Homeland Security depicts American gun owners as terrorists in another example of how the federal agency is trying to demonize the Second Amendment while itself stockpiling ammunition.
The report depicts the arrest of “an extremist group reportedly planning a series of terrorist attacks on U.S. cities.”
An extremist group? Like what kind of extremist group? Do they mean moose-limb extremists? I mean afterall, those stinkbeards are always trying to come up with new ways to kill Americans on a massive scale so that must be who they mean when they depict this "extremist group." 
Dramatic footage shows police conducting a mock raid of a house and yelling at reporters to get back while the news reporter relates how the men were arrested on charges of “illegal possession of firearms.”
Illegal possession of firearms? So these men being arrested and charged with illegal possession of firearms in this fake DHS news report, these men's characters are probably going to be portrayed as gang members with long rap sheets, or violent felons on parole or probation, or they're illegal aliens or something along those lines right?
Similar to previous DHS characterizations of likely terrorists, the men are played by [...]...
wait for it............
...[...] two Caucasians in their 40′s.
Well of course it's two Caucasians. Everyone knows that 40 year old, gun-owning white boys are mostly to blame for all the terrorist attacks carried out in the United States and around the globe. They're to blame for acts of terror worldwide doncha know? Oh they aren't. Smelly, arabs who fuck goats and wear diapers on their heads and worship a 7th century pedophile are.

Could there possibly be some kind of ulerior motive to these DHS "training" videos?.
The video was grabbed from the website and appears in a file along with other documents from a HSEEP training program run in coordination with FEMA in the interests of “national preparedness." 
As we have previously documented, the federal agency’s insistence on portraying the vast majority of terrorists in its training videos as white middle class Americans has prompted charges that the DHS is attempting to demonize conservatives and big government adversaries.
Ya think?
As we reported last month, the federal agency is testing a number of different drones at a scientific research facility in Oklahoma that have sensors capable of detecting whether a person is armed, stoking concerns that the federal agency is planning on using UAVs to harass gun owners.
Or as the supporters of the police state will think, "at least they're keeping us safe from terrorists." If you are interested in reading the rest of it, I stole the story and video both from here. Expect some skinhead or a Tea Party white guy in his 40's to be framed the next time a "terror plot" is busted wide open, or a "terror attack" goes down on U.S. Soil.  I'm actually shocked I never hear the media refer to the two Boston bombing suspects as "white-Chechens."

Here's the DHS video that is being used to "train" new agents brownshirts...

Negative story? Check.
Bad guys are white guys in their 40's? Check.
Militia mentioned? Check.
Firearms mentioned? Check.
Extremists mentioned? Check.
Government protecting us from "terrorists?" Check.

Tired of this scapegoating and fear-mongering bullshit? Check.


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