Friday, May 31, 2013

Note To Self...

[3x5's don't always get the job done. Keep 5x7 decals in truck at all times, dumbass. End note.]

I noticed this piece of shit car today in the neighborhood where our crews have been working for the last month and I couldn't pass up on the opportunity. This time I had to be extra stealthy because if anyone saw me it could reflect badly upon my boss and his company name. Then again, Stealth is my middle name so I wasn't worried about it. I just wish I had a 5x7 with me because the 3x5 is hardly noticeable.

I can't imagine what the liberal jerkoff who drives this pile of shit must look like, but I'll be looking out for him or her whenever I'm working in the area. It's kinda hard to miss if you're behind it. If I see the person I'll try to snap a pic. Any guesses from you folks? Male or female? Approx. age? Race? I'm dying to find out who the dumb motherfucker is driving this libtard-mobile around Mission Valley.

For those of you who don't know who Donna Frye is, she's a cunt who was a liberal write-in for mayor of San Diego seven or eight years ago; she reminds me a lot of that other cunt with her fugly face all over the TV in 2004, Cindy Shithead. I can't remember a whole lot about Donna brains-are-Fryed except that I couldn't stand looking at the bitch, but this guy's post about the haggared hippy is about as accurate of a description as it gets.

And what's up with the STOP BLACKWATER sticker? That's just another sign of a liberal puppet who hates on the organization formerly known as Blackwater because they were wastin' stinkbeards in "George W. Bush's 'illegal war' in Iraq, blah, blah, blah."  I bet if you asked this dipshit what they wanted to stop Blackwater from doing they wouldn't even be able to answer the question. Blackwater wanted to build a training facility in south San Diego County near the border with Mexico and the libtards got their panties in a twist trying to put a stop to it. Why? Because they're fuckin' libtards! Too bad for them but Blackwater won that battle too!

I guess maybe the 3x5 might not be so bad after all now that I'm looking at it. Depending on how often or not the owner sees the rear of the vehicle will determine how long it will stay on there I suppose. I like how it kinda blends in a little. If it's gone the next time I see the car it will be getting a superglue'd 5x7 on it so if they want to remove my decal they'll have to remove the piece of shit it's covering too. Heh heh!


angrymike said...

I met a guy at a Charlotte race that trained ppl at Backwater, nothing but respect for the guy. As a matter of fact I gave him a right wing shirt, cant remember what it said, but he liked it so I gave it to him.
Wondering, when you were in stealth mode, black or camo?????

CharlieDelta said...

In most any other 'stealth mode' operation I would probably be in camos, but since this was the middle of the afternoon on major street with construction going on all over the place, the only gear I needed to blend in was my tool belt and a hardhat. It actually worked out pretty good. I don't think anyone even noticed me walking by, heh-heh...

angrymike said...


hiswiserangel said...

Two things, I like the 3x5 because you can still see the trash it cancelled and to get it off, the idiot will have to trash the Obama sticker. No way around it.

Second, the owner is probably white, middle-aged asexual Pat. You know, the one you can't tell the sex by looking, you have to follow them to a public restroom for a hint.